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About sugar buying for jobbers by B. W. Dyer

Whose horizon is a sugar horizon

style="text-align: justify;"> The Function of the Sugar Broker

If you should organize your company so that it could attend to all the details of sugar buying economically, you would probably still profit from the assistance of a sugar broker whose specialty is sugar buying, whose horizon is a sugar horizon, whose thoughts are sugar thoughts and who must necessarily know more about sugar than the average buyer would ever consider it desirable to know.

The sugar broker's service to you is unaffected by prices--his prices and all other brokers' prices are the Exchange prices; his commissions are based on the same percentages as all other brokers' commissions. His only distinction can come from the actual service he can render.

This service may be good or poor, depending upon whether his experience, his organization, his information and his judgment are good or poor. If, added to his knowledge of sugar, he also possesses a broad knowledge of economic fundamentals and a perspective upon and contact with world activities as they affect all phases of the business of sugar, his service will be many times more valuable than if he were limited by a small organization, by a definite locality or by experience in only a few phases of this business.

A sugar broker who merely _accepts and transacts orders_ is giving no service worth the name. To give service

in accordance with the highest modern standards, he must stand as an adviser, as a constant seeker after opportunities which will benefit his clients, as a partner whose interest in his clients' profits and progress equals his interest in his own.

Our experience has convinced us that the client secures the greatest amount of protection in filling his sugar needs when one broker handles all sugar transactions.

These exchange operations should be carried out when the market is out of line in your favor. You need the best kind of advice, based on an intimate knowledge of your business.

A single brokerage house becomes thoroughly acquainted with the client's business and personnel, with the result that the two organizations work in harmony virtually as partners, confusion and misunderstandings are avoided, quicker and more advantageous transactions are made possible.

The choice of that broker should be a matter of great care, for in addition to the willingness to serve, he must have the facilities and the financial stability. For, bear in mind that the broker with whom you deal is the responsible party for the fulfillment of the contract. Your contract is as good only as the reliability of your broker.

Lamborn & Company has become known throughout this country and abroad as an institution for the service of all those who have a business interest in sugar.

Lamborn Sugar Service is rendered through our head office at 132 Front Street, New York, and through branch offices in Philadelphia, Chicago, Savannah, New Orleans, Kansas City, Mo. and San Francisco.

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