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About sugar buying for jobbers by B. W. Dyer

Net each of Standard Fine Granulated Sugar at


Service in all its phases is available to you as a jobber.

We shall be very glad to explain either in person or by letter what a brokerage relationship with us involves, how it may be accomplished and how transactions may be carried out.


_Sugar Headquarters_

132 Front Street: New York

7 Wall Street: New York (Securities)

Havana and Cienfuegos, Cuba Paris, France THE LAMBORN COMPANY LAMBORN & CIE

_Branches in the United States_

Philadelphia Savannah New Orleans Chicago Kansas City San Francisco

_Members of_:

New York Coffee & Sugar Exchange, Inc. New York Stock Exchange New York Cotton Exchange New York Produce Exchange Chicago Board of Trade London Produce Clearing House, Ltd. Cable Address: Lamborn

Contract between Members of the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange, Inc.

The Standard Fine Granulated Sugar contract is as follows:

Sold for ... to ... 800 bags (of 100 lbs. net each) of Standard Fine Granulated Sugar at ... cents per

pound, manufactured in the United States or insular possessions, packed in cotton-lined burlap bags, deliverable from licensed warehouse in Chicago between the first and last days of ... inclusive. Delivery within such time to be at Seller's option, upon seven, eight or nine days' notice to the buyer. If Domestic Beet Standard Fine Granulated Sugar be delivered in fulfillment of this contract, Seller to make an allowance of 20c per 100 lbs.

The Seller shall have the right to deliver Foreign Cane Standard Fine Granulated Sugar in fulfillment of this contract by making an allowance to the Buyer of 25c per 100 lbs., and foreign beet standard fine granulated sugar by making an allowance of 45c per 100 lbs., provided such sugars comply with the Types adopted as Standard by the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange, Inc., and all duties have been paid thereon.

This contract is subject to an adjustment for duty, as provided in the Sugar Trade Rules.

Either party to have the right to call for margins as the variations of the market for like deliveries may warrant, which margins shall be kept good. This contract is made in view of and in full accordance with the By-Laws, Rules and Conditions established by the New York Coffee and Sugar Exchange, Inc.

(Written across the face is the following)

For and in consideration of one dollar to ... in hand paid, receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged ... accept this contract with all its stipulations and conditions.

Brokers' Commissions

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