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Across Coveted Lands by Arnold Henry Savage Landor

And a fourgon with one's servants


is only too natural--having once set her foot, or even both feet, on Persian soil, now tries to keep out other nations--which, owing to her geographical position, she can do with no effort and no trouble--in order to enhance her youthful but solid and fast-growing industries and trade.

In the case of the Teheran road, the only one, it must be remembered, leading with any safety to the Persian capital, it is theoretically open to all nations. Practically, Russian goods alone have a chance of being conveyed by this route, owing to the prohibitive Customs duties exacted in Russia on foreign goods in transit for Persia. Russia is already indirectly reaping great profits through this law, especially on machinery and heavy goods that have no option and must be transported by this road. There is no other way by which they can reach Teheran on wheels. But the chief and more direct profit of the enterprise itself is derived from the high tolls which the Russian Company, with the authorisation of the Persian Government, has established on the road traffic, in order to reimburse the capital paid out and interest to shareholders.

The road tolls are paid at Resht (and at intermediate stations if travellers do not start from Resht), and amount to 4 krans == 1_s._ 8_d._ for each pack animal, whether it be a camel, a horse, a mule, or a donkey.

A post-carriage with four horses (the usual conveyance

hired between Resht and Teheran) pays a toll of no less than 17_s._ 2_d._

_s._ _d._ A carriage with 3 horses 12 6 " " 2 " 8 4 " " 1 horse 4 2 A _fourgon_, or luggage van, 4 horses, L1 0_s._ 10_d._

Passengers are charged extra and above these tolls, so that a landau or a victoria, for instance, actually pays L1 8_s._ for the right of using the road, and a _fourgon_ with one's servants, as much as L1 13_s._ 2_d._

The fares for the hire of the conveyance are very high:--

L _s._ _d._ Landau 11 16 7 Victoria 10 16 7 Coupe 11 4 10 Fourgon 10 0 10

As only 72 lbs. of personal luggage are allowed in the landau or 65 lbs. in other carriages, and this weight must be in small packages, one is compelled to hire a second conveyance, a _fourgon_, which can carry 650 lbs. Every pound exceeding these weights is charged for at the rate of two shillings for every 131/2 lbs. of luggage. The luggage is weighed with great accuracy before starting from Resht, and on arrival in Teheran. Care is taken to exact every half-penny to which the company is entitled on luggage fares, and much inconvenience and delay is caused by the Persian officials at the scales. It is advisable for the traveller to be present when the luggage is weighed, to prevent fraud.

It may be noticed that to travel the 200 miles, the distance from Resht to Teheran, the cost, without counting incidental expenses, tips (amounting to some L3 or more), etc.,

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