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Across Coveted Lands by Arnold Henry Savage Landor

Distances from Quetta to Persian frontier


was indeed too bad to have to register that, in a journey of over 10,000 miles, the only people who had shown any barbarity were--in a sort of way--my own countrymen!

Much as I love Beluchistan, I like India less and less each time I go there. Maybe it is because I always have misfortunes while in the country. Indeed, I received a last and severe blow while proceeding by train from Calcutta to Bombay to catch a homeward steamer. My faithful cat Lawah died, suffocated by the intense moist heat in the carriage. The other two cats I just managed to keep alive by constant rubbing with ice.

From Bombay I despatched Sadek back to Teheran _via_ the Gulf and Bushire, and the two surviving cats and I sailed by P. & O. for England, where we all three arrived happy, safe, and sound.


Tables Showing the Distance From Quetta To Meshed via Robat, Sher-i-Nasrya (Sistan), Birjand.

_Distances from Quetta to Persian frontier._

_Name of Stage._ _Distance._ _Miles._ _Yards._ Quetta to Girdi Talab 16 -- Girdi to Kanak (Taleri) 16 -- Kanak to Morad Khan Kella 24

-- Morad Khan Kella to Kishingi 24 -- Kishingi to Nushki 12 -- Nushki to Mall 31 1,320 Mall to Kuchaki Chah 15 1,154 Kuchaki Chah to Padag 13 756 Padag to Yadgar 22 1,390 Yadgar to Karodak 15 970 Karodak to Dalbandin 16 380 Dalbandin to Chakal 18 190 Chakal to Sotag 14 220 Sotag to Mirui 12 1,320 Mirui to Chah Sandan 20 220 Chah Sandan to Tretoh 23 760 Tretoh to Noh Kundi 21 1,660 Noh Kundi to Mashki Chah 21 1,100 Mashki Chah to Sahib Chah 28 660 Sahib Chah to Mukak 23 660 Mukak to Saindak 13 880 Saindak to Kirtaka 18 750 Kirtaka to Chah Mahommed 16 1,107 Chah Mahommed Raza to Raza Kuh-i-Malek-Siah 24 368

Distances from Robat (Beluchistan) to Sher-i-Nasrya (Sistan).

Robat to Hormak 18 miles. Hormak to Girdi-Chah 32 " Girdi-Chah to Mahommed Raza Chah 28 " Mahommed Raza Chah to Lutak 12 " Lutak to Baghak 16 " Baghak to Sher-i-Nasrya (Sistan) 8 "

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