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Across the Cameroons by Charles Gilson

Produced by Al Haines.

[Illustration: Cover art]



A Story of War and Adventure



Author of "A Motor-Scout in Flanders" &c. &c.

_Illustrated by Arch. Webb_


_Printed in Great Britain by Blackie & Son, Ltd., Glasgow_



CHAPTER I--Captain von Hardenberg CHAPTER II--The Sunstone CHAPTER III--Caught Red-handed CHAPTER IV--False Evidence CHAPTER V--The Eleventh Hour CHAPTER VI--The Pursuit Begins CHAPTER VII--Into the Bush CHAPTER VIII--Danger Ahead CHAPTER IX--The Captive CHAPTER X--When All was Still CHAPTER XI--A Shot from the Clouds CHAPTER XII--The Mystery of the Running Man CHAPTER XIII--The Black Dog CHAPTER XIV--Buried Alive! CHAPTER XV--The Valley of the Shadow CHAPTER XVI--The Enemy in Sight CHAPTER XVII--A Shot by Night CHAPTER XVIII--A Dash for Liberty CHAPTER XIX--War to the Knife CHAPTER XX--Honour among Thieves CHAPTER XXI--The Last Cartridge CHAPTER XXII--The Conquest of a Colony CHAPTER XXIII--Attacked CHAPTER XXIV--The Caves CHAPTER XXV--The Lock CHAPTER XXVI--The White Madman CHAPTER XXVII--The Black Dog Bites CHAPTER XXVIII--A Race for Life CHAPTER XXIX--The Temple CHAPTER XXX--The Blood Spoor CHAPTER XXXI--The Fox in View CHAPTER XXXII--Between Two Fires CHAPTER XXXIII--On the Brink of Eternity CHAPTER XXXIV--The Sunstone Found CHAPTER XXXV--A Brother CHAPTER XXXVI--The Twelfth Hour CHAPTER XXXVII--Too Late! CHAPTER XXXVIII--Conclusion



"Down," cried the guide, "for your life!" . . . . . . _Frontispiece_

In the moonlight he saw the flash of a knife that missed him by the fraction of an inch

The leopard rose upon its hind legs, rampant, terrible, and glorious


CHAPTER I--Captain von Hardenberg

Late on a September afternoon, in the year 1913, two boys returned to Friar's Court by way of the woods. Each carried a gun under his arm, and a well-bred Irish water-spaniel followed close upon their heels. They were of about the same age, though it would have been apparent, even to the most casual observer, that they stood to one another in the relation of master to man.

The one, Henry Urquhart, home for his holidays from Eton, was the nephew of Mr. Langton, the retired West African judge, who owned Friar's Court. The other was Jim Braid, the son of Mr. Langton's head-gamekeeper, who had already donned the corduroys and the moleskin waistcoat of his father's trade. Though to some extent a social gap divided them, a friendship had already sprung up between these two which was destined to ripen as the years went on, carrying both to the uttermost parts of the world, through the forests of the Cameroons, across the inhospitable hills west of the Cameroon Peak, even to the great plains of the Sahara.

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