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A Biographical Dictionary of Freethinkers of All A

His Freethought views are displayed

* Aymon (Jean). La vie et L'Esprit de M. Benoit Spinoza (La Haye, 1719) was afterwards issued under the famous title Treatise of Three Impostors.

* Bahrdt (Karl Friedrich). The writings of this enfant terrible of the German Aufklarung fill 120 volumes.

* Bailey (William Shreeve) was born 10 Feb. 1806. He suffered much on account of his opinions. Died Nashville, 20 Feb 1886. Photius Fisk erected a monument to his memory.

* Bancel (Francis Desire). In his work Les Harangues de l'Exil, 3 vols., 1863, his Freethought views are displayed. He also wrote in La Revue Critique.

Barnaud (Nicolas), of Crest in Dauphine. Lived during the latter half of the sixteenth century. He travelled in France, Spain, and Germany, and to him is attributed the authorship of a curious work entitled Le Cabinet du Roy de France, which is largely directed against the clergy.

Barreaux. See des Barreaux.

Barth (Ferdinand), b. Mureck, Steyermark Austria, 1828. In '48 he attained reputation as orator to working men and took part in the revolution. When Vienna was retaken he went to Leipzig and Zurich, where he died in 1850, leaving a profession of his freethought.

Bartrina, Spanish Atheistic poet, b. Barcelona, 1852, where he died in 1880.

Bedingfield (Richard, W. T.), Pantheistic writer, b. May, 1823, wrote in National Reformer as B.T.W.R., established Freelight, '70. Died 14 Feb. 1876.

* Berigardus (Claudius), b. 15 Aug. 1578.

* Bertillon (Louis Adolphe). In a letter to Bp. Dupanloup, April, '68, he said, You hope to die a Catholic, I hope to die a Freethinker. Died 1883.

* Berwick (George J.) M.D., Dr. Berwick, I am informed, was the author of the tracts issued by Thomas Scott of Ramsgate with the signature of "Presbyter Anglicanus."

Blein (F. A. A.), Baron, French author of Essais Philosophiques, Paris, 1843.

Blum (Robert), German patriot and orator, b. Cologne, 10 Nov. 1807. He took an active part in progressive political and religious movements, and published the Christmas Tree and other publications. In '48 he became deputy to the Frankfort Parliament and head of the Republican party. He was one of the promoters at the insurrection of Vienna, and showed great bravery in the fights of the students with the troops. Shot at Vienna, 9 Nov. 1848.

* Blumenfleld (J. C.), this name I suspect to be a pseudonym.

Bolin (A. W.), a philosophic writer of Finland, b. 2 Aug. 1835. Studied at Helsingford, '52, and became Doctor of Philosophy in '66, and Professor in '73. He has written on the Freedom of the Will, The Political Doctrines of Philosophy, etc. A subject of Russian Finland; he has been repeatedly troubled by the authorities for his radical views on religious questions.

Bolivar (Ignacio), Spanish professor of natural history at the University of Madrid, and one of the introducers of Darwinian ideas.

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