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A Book of Fruits and Flowers by Anonymous

Produced by David Starner, Martin Radford and PG Distributed Proofreaders


Fruits & Flowers.


The Nature and Use of them, either for Meat or Medicine.


To Preserve, Conserve, Candy, and in Wedges, or Dry them. To make Powders, Civet bagges, all sorts of Sugar-works, turn'd works in Sugar, Hollow, or Frutages; and to Pickell them.

_And for Meat._

To make Pyes, Biscat, Maid Dishes, Marchpanes, Leeches, and Snow, Craknels, Caudels, Cakes, Broths, Fritter-stuffe, Puddings, Tarts, Syrupes, and Sallets.

_For Medicines._

To make all sorts of Poultisses, and Serecloaths for any member swell'd or inflamed, Ointments, Waters for all Wounds, and Cancers, Salves for Aches, to take the Ague out of any place Burning or Scalding; For the stopping of suddain Bleeding, curing the Piles, Ulcers, Ruptures, Coughs, Consumptions, and killing of Warts, to dissolve the Stone, killing the Ring-worme, Emroids, and Dropsie, Paine in the Ears and Teeth, Deafnesse.

_Contra vim mortis, non est Medicamen in hortis._


Printed by _M.S._ for _Tho: Fenner_ at the South entrance of the _Royall Exchange_, London, 1653.

* * * * *

Of Lemmons.

[Illustration: Lemmon.]

_A Lemmon Sallet._

Take Lemmons, rub them upon a Grate, to make their rinds smooth, cut them in halves, take out the meat of them, and boyle them in faire water a good while, changing the water once or twice in the boyling, to take away the bitternesse of them, when they are tender take them out and scrape away all the meat (if any be left) very cleane, then cut them as thin as you can (to make them hold) in a long string, or in reasonable short pieces, and lay them in your glasse, and boyling some of the best _White_-wine vineger with shugar, to a reasonable thin Syrupe, powre it upon them into your glasse, and keep them for your use.

_To Preserve Oranges or Lemmons_.

Take your _Oranges_ or _Lemmons_, lay them in water three dayes, and three nights, to take away their bitternesse, then boyle them in faire water till they be tender, make as much Syrupe for them as will make them swim about the pan, let them not boyle too long therein, for it will make the skins tough; then let them lie all night in the Syrupe, to make them take the Syrupe in the morning, boyle the Syrupe to his thicknesse, and put them in gally pots or glasses, to keep all the yeare, and this is the best way to Preserve _Orenges, Lemmons_, or _Citrons_.

_To make Past of Lemmons_.

Take halfe a dozen of thick-rined _Lemmons_, cut them through the middest, and boyle them tender in faire water, then stamp them in a Morter, strayne the juyce or pulp from them, and dry it, and put two pound of _Shugar_ to it, then make it into what fashion you will, on a sheet of white paper, dry it in an Oven, and turne it often for two dayes and two nights, for in that time it will be dry enough; box it thus up, and it will endure all the Yeare.

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