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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Veysey also to join the Company's service


is interesting to recall that the Company's present general manager at Vancouver, Mr. H. T. Lockyer, was at that time also connected with the B.C. Refinery in the capacity of accountant; and Mr. Veysey was fortunate in forming a friendship in those days which later proved to be a source of great help when the experience and assistance of an "older head" were needed to straighten out, ofttimes, the rough business road he had to travel.

_Joined H.B.C. Service in 1896_

A period of five years, however, completed Mr. Veysey's connection with the refinery. During this time Mr. Lockyer had entered the H.B.C. service as accountant and perhaps in view of the association begun at the refinery it was not strange that an opportunity should shortly present itself enabling Mr. Veysey also to join the Company's service. On 1st November, 1896, he commenced his duties in the Vancouver office.

Mr. E. J. Cuchinay was the Company's accountant at Vancouver at that time, but on account of ill health was being transferred to one of the Company's steamers as purser. Consequently, his position at Vancouver had to be filled.

_Mr. Lockyer Got Him a New Job_

Feeling, as Shakespeare says, that there is a "tide in the affairs of men," Mr. Veysey decided to approach Mr. Lockyer (who by this time had attained the position of general manager)

and ascertain if he could not be allowed to show his ability for the position. Mr. Lockyer informed him that _he had already wired_ Commissioner Chipman, recommending his appointment and showed him the wire. Mr. Veysey experienced anxious days while awaiting the reply from Winnipeg; but eventually word was received approving the appointment.

_Mr. Lockyer Gave Him Lesson in Self-Reliance_

Perhaps a little incident that occurred soon after Mr. Veysey's appointment will be appreciated by a great many of the present aspiring accountants of the Company. The time of the month had arrived when the famous "Form 20" had to be compiled and with the help of Mr. Lockyer this task was successfully accomplished. The next month, however, the young accountant found not a little difficulty in completing this form unassisted. He thought of Mr. Lockyer's kindly assistance the previous month and again approached the general manager for help; but much to Mr. Veysey's surprise, he was met with the reply, "Why, Charlie, I showed you how to do that last month. Go back and do it." And back he went, and what is more important, _he did it_. Mr. Veysey often remarks that that was one of the best turns Mr. Lockyer ever did him.

_Handled Big Business During Yukon Rush_

Mr. Veysey has many pleasant reminiscences of the days of the Yukon rush and what it meant to Vancouver. H.B.C. business was so great at that time that it meant working every night until midnight for five months. Mr. Lockyer will also remember this strenuous time, as he bore his share with the rest. Midnight would often come and find him still on the job.

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