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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Aurey is assisted by Dr


the Company's Edmonton townsite sale of 1912 was inaugurated, Mr. Bellingham was chosen to take charge of the Edmonton branch, in which capacity he remained until June, 1916, being then recalled to Winnipeg to deputize for the assistant land commissioner during the latter's absence in France.


Extracts from the Post Journal from Entries by J. L. Gaudet, Post Manager

July 1st--Our steamer, the "Inenew," left this morning on her first trip to Charlton Island, taking the District staff to the island for the summer, as this is our summer distributing point. Dr. Stewart and Rev. W. G. Walton were passengers.

July 6th--The steamer returned with a cargo for Moose Factory of Charlton Depot stock. The steamer returned to Charlton with a load of lumber which I am shipping to the Straits.

July 14th--The steamer returned with her second cargo from Charlton, and took another load of lumber for the Strait Posts. Mr. Johansen of the Biological Branch of the Naval Department of the Canadian Government, was a passenger on his way to Fort George. Mr. Fred McLeod and family were also passengers on their way to

Woswonaby Post. Mr. McLeod is going there in the capacity of Post Manager.

July 21st--Mr. F. D. Wilson arrived here to-day with two apprentice clerks, Messrs. Beveridge and Findlay, both from Aberdeen, Scotland.

Aug. 3rd--Mr. Aurey, the government treaty paymaster, arrived here on his annual trip, paying treaty to the Indians. Mr. Aurey is assisted by Dr. Baker.

Aug. 10th--Mr. Russell and family, Mr. John Louttit and family, arrived with the schooner "Fort George." These gentlemen are on their way out to civilization. Mr. Russell was in charge of Fort George Post.

Aug. 14th--Mr. Romanet, general fur trade inspector, arrived here with Mrs. Romanet and two children. Mr. Romanet says he is here on an official visit from the Fur Trade Commissioner's Office. Inspector Phillips and Sgt. Joy, of the R.C.M. Police, also arrived to-day. They are on their way to the Belcher Islands to investigate some Eskimo murder case.

Aug. 17th--A large seaplane, "The Caaz," with Capt. Maxwell as pilot and Mr. Doan as engineer, landed here this afternoon. This is the first flying machine to come to Moose Factory and was quite a sight for our Indians.

Aug. 19th--The general inspector left on the schooner "Fort George" for Charlton Island this morning at 7 o'clock. A canoe carrying the ship's papers and two apprentice clerks, Mr. Gregory and Mr. Bremner, arrived at 1 p.m., just a few hours late to catch the schooner which I was holding for that purpose, so I had to get busy and send off our hay-boat with this mail to Charlton Island.

Aug. 23rd--The seaplane landed here to-day on her second trip from Remy Lake, which is a few miles from Cochrane, with two moving picture men, Mr. Blake and Mr. Tash. They claim that they are being sent by the Ontario Government to take pictures.

Aug. 26th--We had a visit from Capt. Mack to-day. He came with our schooner "Fort Charles" from Charlton Island, and states that they had a hard and trying trip coming through the Straits. Mr. and Mrs. Mayer were also passengers. Mr. Mayer is our worthy Post Manager at Great Whale River and is on his way out to civilization on a few months' leave.

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