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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Alban's scholarship to the University of Saskatchewan


story was that on two different occasions at the usual Christmas gathering of the Outpost managers, there had been tragic endings to several guests who had occupied that room. Both had died from having their throats cut from ear to ear--and no one had slept there since. Mr. R. said he didn't believe in such nonsense as ghosts, and wanted to be shown to the room, as he wanted to get a shave and clean-up before dinner. He said any kind of a room would look good to him after sleeping in the snow for the past week.

The Post Manager showed him to the room which was situated at the rear of the large dwelling house, away from the rest of the guests. Mr. R. had just laid out his "glad rags" and was commencing to shave--he had the razor in his hand--when a feeling came over him that _he was not alone in the room_. Looking into the mirror, he was horrified to see there the reflection of a horrible face peering over his shoulder. He felt his wrist grasped by a claw-like hand. His hand was being forced slowly up and up, towards his throat. Mr. R. tried to call out for help, but he was powerless to utter a sound. The hand was still forcing the razor towards his victim's throat, then it started to draw it across. Mr. R. gave himself up for lost, when he felt the grip on his wrist loosen and a baffled expression came over the horrible face. That ghost was up against modern science. _Mr. R. was using a safety razor._

style="text-align: justify;"> SASKATCHEWAN DISTRICT OFFICE NEWS

Congratulations would appear to be in order for Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, of Fort a la Corne Post, and their daughter Norah on the success attained by the latter at the recent St. Alban's College (Prince Albert) term examinations. The following is a quotation from the local paper:

"Miss Norah Armstrong, the gold medalist of the year at St. Alban's college, Prince Albert, holds an enviable record in the college. Miss Armstrong has been a student at St. Alban's for the past four years, taking her grade 8 diploma in 1917. She was successful in passing her junior matriculation examination in June, and now holds the St. Alban's scholarship to the University of Saskatchewan. In addition to her marked progress in her studies, Miss Armstrong has found time to distinguish herself along athletic lines, having won the tennis cup in singles, and also with Miss Phyllis Clarke in the doubles."


(_Continued from last number_)

By N. A. Howland


When the men in the scow realized their position they did not shout frenziedly for help. To them the most important business of the moment was to get a smoke.

_They Smoked While Facing Death_

The _frenzied_ people were all on shore. Under the calming influence of tobacco, the wrecked crew surveyed the damage. The boat was intact though leaking a little. It was impossible for them to extricate themselves. Even if any of them could swim, an attempt to make the shore would have proved fatal. They relied on us. Their hope was founded on a rock as surely as their craft.

_Getting Ready for the Rescue_

It was not long ere some of the sixty odd men, at Mr. Cornwall's direction, on the island had run to the warehouse to get rope. Fortunately being on the scene, he took matters in hand, and as soon as the necessary tackle had been brought, essayed to rescue the endangered crew. The only way that this could be done was to get a line aboard the scow and pull her off. The distance from shore was too great to permit of a rope being thrown, but there was a rock standing well out of the water about half way between, from which it might be possible to hurl a stick; so Cornwall, taking a club in his hand to which was attached a long cord held by the men on shore, started to work his way out to the vantage point through the rock-studded stream, struggling from boulder to boulder, the swirling water gripping and tearing at his legs in an effort to sweep him away.

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