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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

This is my New Year's resolution

_Miss D. Bens_--To be true to my word, my work and my friends. To make all I can, to save all I can and give all I can.

_J. W. Frankish_--We are aiming at 100% efficiency in selling our merchandise. It should be sold on the same basis as we buy it. More attention by sales staff in introducing all the new merchandise as it enters the department. This is our intention in departments 3 and 5 for 1921.

_Chas. Healey_--Do it now! This is my New Year's resolution. It is so easy to put things off when just a little "pep," a little extra energy is needed. So much can be gained and greater satisfaction can be given to all. Do it now!

_A. C. Dunbar_--I will increase my efficiency--(power to produce)--by studying, plus analyzing, plus determination, plus application, equals increased efficiency.

_J. Whalley_--That every business act of mine will be executed with the full belief that it is for the best interest of the firm.

_Saml. Drennan_--To continue placing more confidence in the washboard than in the Ouija board.

_I. N. Cognito_--Not to engage any more handsome looking salesgirls, as those I now have are all engaged--and may get married.

_W. R. Ogston_--One of my resolutions for the New Year will be to govern my actions, thought and speech towards my fellowmen by the well-known principle of "The Golden Rule" and to do my work in such a way that at the close of each day I may feel that I have accomplished something.

Winnipeg Moustache Club

_Semi-Annual Report_

Just prior to the closing of the outfit ending January 31st, 1920, a careful inventory discloses the following state of affairs. The showing is not entirely satisfactory, but it is felt that some progress is being made.

_Moustaches on Hand_--None.

_Moustaches on Upper Lip_--Twenty divided among the following "heads of stocks": Messrs. Frankish, Goody, Grant, Moore (tailoring), Lade, Fuller, Hughes, Lackie, Weeden, Blowers, Leveque, Dickens, Harrison, Hardiman, Keeley, Chambers, Duckneau, Breitner, Clark, Pugsley (?).

_New Member_--Mr. T. Nichols. (Greetings, brother).

_Under Suspicion_--Mr. C. M. Thomas, Mr. C. Robinson, Mr. Robt. Cunningham.

_The Club's National Anthem_--"The Bonnie Bloomin' Heather."

_Legend for Club's New Escutcheon_--"The Weight of a Hair Will Turn the Scales."--_Shakespeare._

_Remarks_--All members and supporters are urged to consult Mr. Saalfeld re irregularities of growth observed from time to time. Renovation for spring should be undertaken early. Special rates to members for loan of Hoover electric sweepers. Use of garden rakes or weeders will result in suspension from Club privileges. Special attention is called to the alarming recurrence of the grasshopper plague prophesied for June and July.

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