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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Efficient and must find the reason why


DO YOU REMEMBER this remarkable aggregation? This is the formidable H.B.C. Football Team, Season 1911-12.

_From left to right_--Madill, Jones, Medland, Isaacs, Everitt, Paul, Brodie, Dyde, Foulks, Sheldon, Campbell, Mr. A. H. Doc, Law, Smith, Allan.]

Managers' Social Dramatic Affair

As merry a company as ever graced a festal board met at the store buyers', managers' and assistants' social in the lunchroom, Thursday evening, January sixth. The highly edible and diversified "wittles" were disposed of with a display of "wim" and "wigor" which did justice to all traditions. Entire arrangements for the occasion were undertaken by the ladies, and the zest with which the entertainment proceeded brought down the applause of the whole assembly.

Speech, anecdote, jest, song and a three-act drama, starring the celebrated tragedian, Samuel Drennan, were features of an altogether enjoyable and profitable evening.

Are We 100 Per Cent Efficient?


I wonder how many of us could answer the question at the head of this article truthfully without a considerable amount of self-study, and if we did stop and analyze ourselves would we find that we could say, "Yes, I am 100 per cent. efficient." Now, let us consider for a minute what "efficient"

really means.

Turning to your dictionary, you will find the definition, "capable of producing the desired results." Are we really prepared to say "yes, I am capable of producing the desired results." If you can't, you are not 100 per cent. efficient and must find the reason why. It does not matter what position you hold or what the nature of your work is, if you are efficient, advancement is bound to be waiting.

In a recent issue of _The Beaver_ was a copy of what was called "A man-rating chart" and a statement that stores' staff promotions are governed by efficiency. Study this chart and see how many points you can honestly claim to have mastered. Whatever you do, don't go round like some people saying, "I am 100 per cent. efficient." If you really are, the management will soon notice it and promotion will come your way. Next month I will tell you what an important part memory takes in efficiency.


_What's the Matter With You, Anyway?_


There are two ways, 'tis said, by which to get into "society"--either by flattering or shocking it. But though the writer had the honeyed tongue of the anteater, this is no time to coddle and soothe you with some linseed-poultice sort of caressing lullaby. It's New Year's and I am deliberately setting out to fire up your "dander." Of course, you may be able to prove an alibi, but, otherwise, if these few plodding lines succeed in making you really boiling, red-hot "mad"--(not just angry, you understand)--that will be the best proof that you're still conscious--and there's hope for you. We shudder when we read of "so and so" being picked up unconscious, but I could pick up numbers of people in that pitiable predicament any day--people who somehow got into the business world, strange to say.

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