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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Land Agent in charge of the Edmonton Land Office


half way it was found necessary to call a halt owing to the guide being missing. His rejuvenated appearance upon eventually overtaking the main party led to some doubt as to the generally accepted meaning of "air holes," which were reported to be the cause of the delay.

While there was not sufficient snow to make real good tramping, what was lacking in this respect was more than compensated for by the enjoyable time provided by the host and hostess at the conclusion of the hike. Here games and dancing were indulged in until midnight, when the party was brought to an end with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne."--_F.H.N._

_An Error Rectified_

As some error in the names of the long service medalists had been made at the opening of the Anniversary Celebration, our general manager's office was the scene the other day of a pleasant little ceremony when Mr. Chas. E. Robinson was made the recipient of his long service medal. It was presented by Sir Augustus Nanton, chairman of the Canadian Advisory Committee, Mr. FitzGerald and Mr. Sparling being also present. "Charlie" has been with the Store since June 6, 1904, and is one of the bulwarks.

Mr. James Thomson, former Commissioner of lands and furs, was warmly welcomed home at Winnipeg, December 23rd, after an absence of several months in the Orkney's and Scotland.

style="text-align: justify;"> EDMONTON


[Illustration: _Our photograph shows Mr. J. R. McIntosh, H.B.C. Land Agent in charge of the Edmonton Land Office, with his secretary and Mr. Henderson (standing). Mr. McIntosh and staff who are actively associated with the Company's housing scheme, operate from these modern offices in the McLeod Building._]

Retail Store Notes

Recent Changes Among Store's Department Heads

Changes never seem to come singly, for since the first appearance of _The Beaver_ no less than five important executive appointments have been made in the store; and another is scheduled for the very near future.

* * * * *

Mr. Chasey, the new buyer for the men's clothing departments, and Miss M. Doherty, the new buyer for the hosiery and gloves, are now firmly established on their feet and are making noteworthy progress.

* * * * *

We now welcome to our ranks three more recent arrivals:

* * * * *

Mr. Pallett is another Easterner who has heard the call of the West. Mr. Pallett succeeds Mr. Jenkins as buyer of the trimmings and ribbons. He was previously with the T. Eaton Company for several years. Mr. Pallett is very favorably impressed with the City of Edmonton and predicts a great future for the store.

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