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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Whether it be as accompanist or soloist


association was again fortunate in hearing Mr. R. L. Bateman, who rendered "She Is Far from the Land" and, in response to a hearty encore, "For You Alone" was all that could be desired.

Miss Kate Hamilton sang "Bird Songs" in which her beautiful voice was heard to very great advantage.

Mrs. Roy Carbert sang Tosti's "Good Bye," and as an encore, "Angus MacDonald."

Mr. Bert Crockett sang "There's Life in the Old Dog Yet," which was very much appreciated, he being vociferously encored.

All the other artists are members of the staff and their songs were all rendered in admirable style.

One exceptionally pleasing number was the duet, "Tenor and Baritone," Mr. T. A. Crockett's tenor and Mr. Digney's baritone voices blending in perfect harmony.

Miss Edna Southen and Miss K. Riddle were two excellent sopranos, whilst Miss W. E. Crowther's sweet contralto voice has never been heard to greater advantage.

Mr. T. A. Crockett and Mr. George Saunders have fine tenor voices, whilst Mr. G. Robert's deep bass was used with effect in "Out on the Deep."

Mr. C. Digney was splendid in "Captain Mack" and later his rendering of "My Old Shako" was perfect.

Miss Moore acted as accompanist throughout

and in addition gave a duet in company, with her sister.

One cannot speak too highly of Miss Moore's assistance, as she is always ready and willing to help in any way that will add to the enjoyment of the staff, whether it be as accompanist or soloist.

Mr. P. A. Stone, president of the Amusement and Athletic Association, acted as chairman.

Community Singing is Getting Results

Community singing for the staff, which was inaugurated at the Edmonton store, November 1st, 1920, is reported to be an unqualified success.

The staff arrive at 8.45 a.m. and sing usually two songs before 8.55 a.m. bell sounds, when the covers are removed preparatory to the day's business.

The initiative was taken by the Amusement and Athletic Association. The fact that it is still retaining the original interest proves that the all-important co-operation has been obtained; hence the success.

Whilst it is impossible yet to gauge the full extent of the benefits derived from community singing, it may be said that the early morning "grouch" is dissipated, and that alone makes it worth while, as it leaves the staff in a happier frame of mind. This cannot but conduce to the betterment of the service afforded to customers.

From community singing to a trained choir is but a step, since even the untrained singer gradually falls into and holds the time and rhythm of the piece being sung, so that from an untrained band of voices a perfectly functioning choir is created.

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