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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Upon those who constitute the front rank


is the aim of the Edmonton Amusement and Athletic Association, and with a continuance of the staff's co-operation that end will be attained.

The Ad. Man's Destiny

Mr. Jack Prest was going home one night in the street car. It was late, and the man sitting next to him began to talk. "What business are you in?" he asked. "The advertising business," replied Jack. "Is that so? Well, well, I used to be in the advertising business myself. I gave it up though and went into the rag-and-old-bottle business. I was a sandwich man for the Empire Theatre for six months." "Say," and he leaned over confidentially, "Ain't it hard when the wind blows?"


The Rank and File


The newspapers recently had much to say concerning the remarkable honors paid in England and France to the bodies of two unknown soldiers who fell on the battlefields.

It was a nation's whole-hearted recognition of the fact that Victory was after all due to the efforts and self-sacrifice of the rank and file.

In the scheme of life each one of us has a definite sphere to fill. Lest those who now constitute the rank and file in the service of the Company should

be inclined to regard their positions with something of dissatisfaction, as being of no importance, I would have them take a lesson from the honors paid to these two unknown soldiers.

Upon those who constitute the front rank, those who come in contact with the public, the whole success of this great Company depends.

Behind you it is true, stretches a long line that reaches back from the junior buyer, through to the Governor himself, but the work accomplished by this wonderful organization does not reach its greatest success except through your co-operation.

The transaction between a customer and salesperson is not just so much money changing hands for a certain article. It represents the crowning success of a long series of operations, that, through your hands as the H.B.C. representative, reaches the goal for which it was intended, an appreciative buying public.

Upon the conduct of the rank and file--upon the impressions that are derived from your personality--is this Company judged.

The courtesy, helpfulness and efficiency that are displayed by you are the greatest assets this Company has. To know and to realize that no matter what your position in the service of the Company may be, that the Company is absolutely depending on your efforts will be to create in you a greater desire for helpfulness and efficiency which cannot fail to mean greater success for yourself and Company too.


_Everybody Boost for Our 1921 Hockey Team_

It has been asked of the editor why there were not more attending the hockey games last winter, and why the H.B.C. employees were very backward in supporting their own team, being especially conspicuous by their absence. We've a dandy team this year, folks, and the boys sure would like some "rooters." Come along and bring your friends and the horn off the old Ford. Help the team make a name for themselves in the Commercial League. The following are the names of our players:

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