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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Greer by his staff in the display department

Then the word "full" was stricken over and replaced by "empty" and the inventory went on in a hand that struggled and lurched across the page, until it closed with:

"_One revolving door mat._"

_Mr. Greer Gets a Regular Shower of Good Things_

By E. Bell

Of the recent year end festivities enjoyed by Hudson's Bay employees perhaps none had more of the _vivres_ and relish of the days of real sport than the banquet tendered Mr. Greer by his staff in the display department.

This event took place in the Barron Hotel to begin with and ended at a box party to the opera to witness the "Dance Shop." The menu of the dinner, which was enjoyed both wisely and well, gives some of the unlucky individuals who were not invited an appetizer even to read:

_Greer Soup_ _Goose a la Greer_ _Oyster Cocktail, Y.M.C.A._ _Celery a la Celestial Citizen_ _Brussels Sprouts a la Lulu Island_ _Fried Sweet Potatoes, Brunette_ _Hot Toasted Rolls, Blonde_ _Combination Salad a la Display_ _French Pastry Translated Cake, Devilled_ _Creme de Chaufroid Cafe d'Hots D'el_

(_N.B.--S.O.S. Calgary. M. Laparique, please note. Can you beat it?_)

Having done full justice to these delectable viands the innocent occasion of so much mirth was next trotted to the opera, where his friends had taken the precaution to present him with a lorgnette or opera glass, we forget which. (Anyway it was not a monocle.) Notwithstanding, to the everlasting credit of the display department, they all turned up next morning on time and in the best of spirits.

_Old-Time Employees Visit the Store_

Among the guests of the Store last month were Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Baird, both old-time employees of the Company, who devoted a number of years of faithful service in the old store and two or three years in the new store.

Mr. Baird was secretary to the general manager, Mr. Lockyer. In 1917, he went to Honolulu for a new field to conquer. He was there but a little while before he sent for his fiancee, Miss Beck, then the general manager's stenographer. As soon as she arrived in Honolulu they were married. Being accustomed to speculating and used to seeing money made out of land, Mr. Baird (in face of much opposition) bought a piece of land and built three cottages thereon--an investment which proved a good one and a money maker.


H.B.C. Kamloops Store Dates Back to 1812

_Location Has Changed Several Times to Keep Pace With Growth of City_


The Company's store at Kamloops dates back to the year 1812 and it is therefore one of the oldest establishments at present existing in the stores department.

The original location was some distance from the present store site, as, like all Western towns, the business centre has changed several times, and the Company found it necessary to change from time to time in order to keep pace with the natural growth of the city.

The present premises were purchased and remodelled by the Company in 1911, and have a frontage of 75 feet on Victoria Street, extending 125 feet on Second Avenue with two entrances on Victoria and one on Second Avenue.

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