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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

If some good your words can teach

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If you have a bit of news, send it in. Or a joke that will amuse, send it in. A story that is true, an incident that's new, "We want to hear from you," send it in. Never mind about your style, If it's only worth the while, send it in. Will it make a paragraph? Send it in. If some good your words can teach, If some distant reader reach, If you have a glowing speech, send it in.

MISS D. L. BENS, _Winnipeg Retail_

How the Eskimo Hunts the Musk-Ox

_Description of Eskimo's method of hunting musk-oxen in the Arctic regions as given by Capt. French, R.N.W.M.P., one of the patrol who went north to investigate the killing of Messrs. Bradbury and Street, sent out by Smithsonian Institute and National Museum at Ottawa._

The Eskimo, sighting a small band of musk-oxen--usually a bull, cow and one or two calves--lets loose two or three husky dogs (part dog and part wolf) which encircle the animals. The bull and cow turn their heads towards the dogs, with the calf or calves in the centre, and prepare to give fight. Once the oxen are "anchored," the Eskimos turn loose all their dogs which serve to keep the oxen "anchored" instead of taking to their heels, and proceed themselves

with bow and arrows and dispatch the animals.


These musk-oxen are very fierce and warlike animals, hence the necessity of the Eskimo protecting himself with dogs. In the case of a wounded bull charging an Eskimo, the dogs immediately rush to attack it and withdraw its attention from the Eskimo who may thereby find time to string another arrow to his bow and then dispatch it.--_W.E.A._

[Illustration: Holding the Musk-Oxen at Bay]

_There'll Be No More Slacker Contributors If They All Read This_

_Barriere Post, Ontario,

Editor, The "Beaver," Winnipeg._

_It is, I think, the duty of all of your readers to wish THE BEAVER a very happy New Year._

_You cannot realize what the magazine means to us who live in the silent places far removed from social intercourse with our fellow creatures._

_We who have access to such little reading material to interest us in our lonely lives will look forward eagerly to the arrival of THE BEAVER._

_And I can assure you that I wish it every success in the years to come, and I trust that all the readers will recognize the fact that it is their bounden duty to contribute either in writing or photographs from time to time._

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