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The Beaver, Vol. I, No. 4, January 1921 by Company

Canada especially Western Canada is busy


think that it is not to our Commissioner alone that we should look for guidance nor to our District Managers, but to our friendly intercourse one with another, which can only be accomplished through the medium of THE BEAVER and I sincerely trust that this friendly intercourse will grow stronger and stronger as the years roll by, and so help to strengthen and firmly cement together the bonds of good fellowship._

_I have the honor to be, Sir,

Yours obediently,


Post Manager._

_Issued Every Now and Then in the Interests of Those in the Service of the Hudson's Bay Company_


The Beaver

"_A Journal of Progress_"

Copyright, 1921, by The Hudson's Bay Company

Address all communications to Editor, "THE BEAVER," York and Main Streets, Winnipeg, Canada

Vol. I JANUARY, 1921 No. 4

Fortunate Canada!

The big war is all over but the paying. A whole "bale" of little wars, however, have been engaging the attention of the world until

recent settlements were effected.

Famine in China. Russian chaos and Irish thunderclouds. Inoculation against the "Bolshevik bug" in every quarter of the globe.

Fortunate Canada!

Industrial depression, unemployment and foreboding grips the United States. Canada has had a tinge of this malady, too, during price convulsions--but Canada is sound. Canada--especially Western Canada--is busy, optimistic and possessed of a confidence unbounded. A happier or more prosperous Christmas and New Year's that just past in Canada, never has been.

For twelve months ending October, 1920, Canada's volume of trade was _up five hundred million dollars_ over the year previous. Canada is fortunate. To the sweet uses of Peace, she is applying herself assiduously.

The Yankee Balloonists

The Beaver refrains from elaborating upon current newspaper reports about the U.S. Navy balloonists who drifted from New York City to Moose Factory and were rescued by H.B.C. men at James Bay--until the report of our Associate Editor at Moose Factory and his photographs have been received. It is expected these will come out to Mattice by next packet, and _The Beaver_ will then be able to give authentic details.


Ambitious men raise themselves like the tallest trees high above the shrub growth of somnolent spirits and so are "most in the power of the winds of fortune."

Your chance for Success is not lacking as long as the spark of Ambition is alive within you. With some men, Ambition dies between thirty and forty; with others it remains unquenched. Some men have made fortunes and lost them at forty-five, then have turned in and made other fortunes before retiring. Scores of great Successes have been recorded after the age of fifty; cases where Ambition, the "divine discontent," was never downed.

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