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A Book for All Readers by Ainsworth Rand Spofford

Approxmiately changed to approximately Page 490


A Treatise on the Art of Versification and the Technicalities of Poetry, with a New and Complete Rhyming Dictionary. By R. F. BREWER, B.A. 12 deg., pp. xv. + 376 $2.00

"It is a good book for its purpose, lucid, compact, and well arranged. It lays bare, we believe, the complete anatomy of poetry. It affords interesting quotations, in the way of example, and interesting comments by distinguished critics upon certain passages from the distinguished poets."--_N. Y. Sun._


An Account of General and English Phonology. By JOHN CLARK, A.M. 8 deg., pp. lxiii. + 314 $2.00

"Mr. Clark has traced the English language back to its foundations in his work 'Manual of Linguistics.' It is an interesting theme, and his book will prove very useful for reference, for he has culled from many sources and gone over a wide territory."--_Detroit Free Press._


A Practical Treatise. By E. GALBRAITH. 16 deg., cloth $1.00

"The author has drawn fully from the best writers on the subject, and her book is an epitome of the best thought of all."--_Boston Transcript._

* * * * *


Transcriber's Notes:

1. Punctuation for abbreviations such as per cent., viz. has been standardised.

2. There are spelling inconsistencies in proper and place names as well as within accented characters and hyphenated words. These have been left as printed.

3. Obvious punctuation errors have been corrected.

4. The remaining corrections are:

Page 36, "Edinburg" changed to "Edinburgh" Page 153, "faciliate" changed to "facilitate" Page 202, "conspiciously" changed to "conspicuously" Page 258, "responsibile" changed to "responsible" Page 269, "reasearches" changed to "researches" Page 342, "adminstration" changed to "administration" Page 392, "substracting" changed to "subtracting" Page 393, "univeral" changed to "universal" Page 404, "ieft" changed to "left" Page 441, "pyschology" changed to "psychology" Page 452, "polittics" changed to "politics" Page 457, "at" changed to "as" Page 470, "Thus" changed to "This" Page 471, "vocabularly" changed to "vocabulary" Page 478, "Columbiau" changed to "Columbian" Page 481, "approxmiately" changed to "approximately" Page 490, "guaged" changed to "gauged" Page 490, "Duyckincks" changed to "Duyckinck's" Page 493, "Meuzies" changed to "Menzies" Page 494, "I" changed to "1" Page 497, "pubished" changed to "published" Page 504, "Allgemeinas" changed to "Allgemeines"

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