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A Catechism of the Steam Engine by Bourne

Diameter of eduction trunnion journal 25 inches


_Q._--Can you give the dimensions of any other oscillating engines?

_A._--In Messrs. Penn's 50 horse power oscillating engine, the diameter of the cylinder is 3 feet 4 inches, and the length of the stroke 3 feet. The thickness of the metal of the cylinder is 1 inch, and the thickness of the cylinder bottom is 1-3/4 inch, crossed with feathers, to give it additional stiffness. The diameter of the trunnion bearings is 1 foot 2 inches, and the breadth of the trunnion bearings 5-1/2 inches. Messrs. Penn, in their larger engines, generally make the area of the steam trunnion less than that of the eduction trunnion, in the proportion of 32 to 37; and the diameter of the eduction trunnion is regulated by the internal diameter of the eduction pipe, which is about 1/5th of the diameter of the cylinder. But a somewhat larger proportion than this appears to be expedient: Messrs. Rennie make the area of their eduction pipes, in oscillating engines, 1/22d of the area of the cylinder. In the oscillating engines of the Oberon, by Messrs. Rennie, the cylinder is 61 inches diameter, and 1-1/2 inch thick above and below the belt, but in the wake of the belt it is 1-1/4 inch thick, which is also the thickness of metal of the belt itself. The internal depth of the belt is 2 feet 6 inches, and its internal breadth is 4 inches. The piston rod is 6-3/4 inches in diameter, and the total depth of the cylinder stuffing box is 2 feet 4 inches, of which 18 inches consists

of a brass bush--this depth of bearing being employed to prevent the stuffing box or cylinder from wearing oval.

635. _Q._--Can you give any other examples?

_A._--The diameter of cylinder of the oscillating engines of the steamers Pottinger, Ripon, and Indus, by Miller & Ravenhill, is 76 inches, and the length of the stroke 7 feet. The thickness of the metal of the cylinder is 1-11/16 inch; diameter of the piston rod 8-3/4 inches; total depth of cylinder stuffing box 3 feet; depth of bush in stuffing box 4 inches; the rest of the depth, with the exception of the space for packing, being occupied with a very deep gland, bushed with brass. The internal diameter of the steam pipe is 13 inches; diameter of steam trunnion journal 25 inches; diameter of eduction trunnion journal 25 inches; thickness of metal of trunnions 2-1/4 inches; length of trunnion bearings 11 inches; projection of cylinder jacket, 8 inches; depth of packing space in trunnions, 10 inches; width of packing space in trunnions, or space round the pipes, 1-1/2 inch; diameter of crank pin 10-1/4 inches; length of bearing of crank pin 15-1/2, inches. There are six boilers on the tubular plan in each of these vessels; the length of each boiler is 10 feet 6 inches, and the breadth 8 feet; and each boiler contains 62 tubes 3 inches in diameter, and 6 feet 6 inches long, and two furnaces 6 feet 4-1/2 inches long, and 3 feet 1-1/2 inch broad.

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