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A Cabinet Secret by Guy Newell Boothby

John Ames Native Commissioner


Players.+ By Mrs AYLMER GOWING.

+The Evolution of Daphne.+ By Mrs ALEC M'MILLAN.

+Mistress Bridget.+ By E. YOLLAND.

+The Attack on the Farm.+ By ANDREW W. ARNOLD. (Illustrated).

+The Bride of God.+ By CONRAD H. CARRODER.

+"Divil-May-Care."+ By MAY CROMMELIN.

+Forbidden Banns.+ By ANNABEL GRAY.

+Romance of the Lady Arbell.+ By ALASTOR GRAEME (Mrs F. T. MARRYAT).

+Belling the Cat.+ By PERRINGTON PRIMM.

+The Gods Saw Otherwise.+ By F. H. MELL.

+Sarolta's Verdict.+ By E. YOLLAND.

+The Honour of Vivien Bruce.+ By Mrs J. H. NEEDELL.

Novels at Three Shillings and Sixpence.

In 1 Vol., Cloth Gilt, Price 3s. 6d. each.

+The Married Miss Binks.+ By JOHN STRANGE WINTER.

+Aletta: a Tale of the Boer Invasion.+ By BERTRAM MITFORD.

+For Right and England.+ By HUME NISBET.

+The Girl at Riverfield Manor.+ By PERRINGTON PRIMM.

+The Empire Makers.+ By HUME NISBET.

justify;">+If Sinners Entice Thee.+ By WILLIAM LE QUEUX.

+John Ames--Native Commissioner.+ By BERTRAM MITFORD. (Illustrated).

+The Weird of Deadly Hollow.+ By the same Author. (Illustrated).

+The Ruby Sword.+ By the same Author. (Illustrated).

+Briton or Boer?+ By GEORGE GRIFFITH.

+Gambles with Destiny.+ By the same Author.

+The Great Pirate Syndicate.+ By the same Author.

+The Destined Maid.+ By the same Author.

+For Liberty.+ By HUME NISBET. (With Frontispiece).

+The Revenge of Valerie.+ By the same Author.

+Handsome Phil.+ By Mrs J. H. RIDDELL.

+A Splendid Sin.+ By GRANT ALLEN.

+A Sweet Sinner.+ By HUME NISBET.

+Comrades of the Black Cross.+ By the same Author.

+The Eye of Istar.+ By WILLIAM LE QUEUX.

+Whoso Findeth a Wife.+ By the same Author.

+Scribes and Pharisees.+ By the same Author.

+In Vallombrosa.+ By ADELINE SERGEANT.

+The Great War in England in 1897.+ By WILLIAM LE QUEUX. (Illustrated).

+Zoralda.+ By WILLIAM LE QUEUX. (Illustrated.)

+The Romance of Golden Star.+ By GEORGE GRIFFITH. (Illustrated).

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