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A California Girl by Edward Eldridge

Penloe said Please excuse me


her graceful figure was leaving the room, she said: "Penloe, come to our room about fifteen minutes before dinner. Clara told me that they were going to have dinner at one o'clock to-day."

After Stella had left the room, Penloe chatted with the young men about the C.M., and then said: "Would you like to take a walk about the place?" and they both said, "Yes, this is our first visit to Treelawn."

This was the first time Barker and Brookes had met Penloe. They had heard him deliver his address in Roseland, and were now pleased to have the opportunity of enjoying his company. Penloe was about their age, and the three became interested in relating some of their college experiences. Barker and Brookes were eager to have Penloe tell them all about the Hindu students, and what kind of men the Hindu professors are. They had many a laugh while Penloe was relating some experiences which seemed very peculiar to them. Penloe's interesting conversation had made time pass very rapidly with them, and it was near the dinner hour before they were aware of it.

Penloe said: "Please excuse me, I hear Stella calling." Taking out his watch he said: "It is about time I was in the room; I did not think it was so late."

After Penloe had left them, Barker said to Brookes: "Did you hear Stella calling Penloe?"

"No," said Brookes, "did


"No, I never heard her voice," said Barker, "but what did he mean by saying she called him?"

"He meant she called him by what they call mental telegraphy," said Brookes.

When Stella left the parlor and went to her room and had taken a seat, her mind was filled with many conflicting thoughts and emotions. She said to herself: "I was so unprepared for this; it was only last night I remarked to Penloe, in about two weeks we would be on the ocean going to Japan." "And, why can you not go?" said a powerful voice within her. "You surely are not going to disappoint your aunt, are you, by not going, after she has shown such love towards you as to give you ten thousand dollars to travel on?" A little voice spoke within her and said: "Are you and Penloe not the leaders of the C.M., and would it be right for you to leave just as an interest is being awakened?" The powerful voice said: "Stella, this is your wedding tour, and you have accepted the money given you to go and you would not be doing yourself justice to stay at home now." The little voice said: "Stella, what effect do you think your influence would have on Barker and Brookes and other young workers, if they see you indifferent to the calls? You have always talked as if you would be willing to sacrifice everything for the cause which is so dear to you." The strong voice said:

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