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A California Girl by Edward Eldridge

Penloe said I will answer you

"Yes, but if you put off going now you will have to return the money to your aunt, and when you are ready to go you may not have the money to go with." The little voice said: "Stella, can you not give up the pleasure of a wedding tour for the sake of helping others out of bondage into freedom, thus making their lives happier and brighter?" The powerful voice said: "It is only idle curiosity on the part of the people wanting to see you. Do not be influenced by them; just think how it will help you in your future labors to have visited the Oriental countries and sat at the feet of those great Spiritual luminaries of India. If you go now, you have got the money and you have got Penloe, who is the most interesting traveling companion you could have. He knows many languages and can master the Japanese and Chinese in a month or two. If you don't go now, but postpone it till you think you can go, then perhaps Penloe might be dead and how could you enjoy traveling without him?" That suggestion touched Stella very deeply. After awhile the little voice said: "Stella, dear, have the people of Japan, of China, of Persia, or of India sent an invitation to come and speak to them? Are the great Sannyasins and Yogis looking forward to receiving a visit from you? If the people of the Orient had given you a special call, it would be right for you to go now. They have not called you at all; but the people of California have. They want you to follow up the grand noble work you so heroically commenced, a work so dear to you that you were willing to make every sacrifice in order to be true to yourself and thus free others from bondage. Go into the silence, Stella, ask the Blessed Spirit for light and knowledge and he will show you which path to choose."

And that is just what Stella did. When she came out of the silence her face was radiant and her mind settled and clear.

When Penloe entered the room Stella spoke in a serious tone and said: "I have half a mind to be just a wee bit put out with you, because you have acted so indifferently in regard to our wedding tour. Why, it does not seem to concern you whether we go or stay here." With a half twinkle in her eye she said: "I must say, you don't act like most men would who had just married a young lady with ten thousand dollars to spend on a wedding tour."

Penloe said: "I will answer you, Stella, dear, as if you spoke in earnest."

Stella said: "That is just what I want you to do, Penloe."

He said: "Stella, why should I care whether I am here or going on a wedding tour through the Orient with you? All I have to do is to realize and manifest the Divine. Stella, I have learned this one lesson, _that I am not in it_, for it is He that is doing it all. It was He that placed me in certain environments in India for my spiritual unfoldment. It was He that brought me to Orangeville. It was He that caused you and me to come together as co-workers in a cause which is so dear to us. It was He that made us man and wife. It was He that caused you to pass through this struggle which you have just had with yourself and brought you out victorious. It was He that caused you just now to cut the last cord of attachment and made you free."

Penloe had been standing while he talked and just here Stella rose from her seat and, going up to him, put her arms round his neck and said: "Yes, dear, it is He, it is He. He hath done it all and He has given me you as my husband and spiritual teacher." She kissed him and said: "Bless you, dear."

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