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Deaconesses in Europe and their Lessons for Americ

Difficulties Encountered by District Visitors

SYLLABUS OF LECTURES. (On Tuesdays at 12.)

1. B.--Professor Charteris. Four Lectures. "How to Begin a Mission."

Nov. 29.--1. Whom to visit, and why. The ills we know of, bodily, spiritual, social; and seek to lessen. Dec. 6.--2. How to induce the people who belong to no church--perhaps care for none--to come in. Dec. 13.--3. What to do with the children; (a) to attract, (b) to influence them. Dec. 20.--4. What agencies besides Sunday services prove best.

2. C.--Dr. P. A. Young. Six Lectures. "Medical Hygiene for the Use of Visitors."

Jan. 3.--1. Object and scope of the course of lectures; short sketch of the structure and functions of the human body, including a brief description of the functions of digestion, absorption, circulation, respiration, excretion, secretion, and enervation. Jan. 10.--2. Fractures, how to recognize and treat them temporarily; bleeding, and how to treat it; the use of the triangular bandage. Jan. 17.--3. Treatment of fainting, choking, burns and scalds, bites from animals, bruises and tears from machinery, convulsions, sunstroke, persons found insensible, suspected poisoning and frostbite; how to lift and carry an injured person. Jan.

24.--4. Sick-room, its selection, preparation, cleaning, warming, ventilation, and furnishing, bed and bedding, infection and disinfection. Jan. 31.--5. Washing and dressing patients, bed-making, changing sheets, lifting helpless patients, food administration, medicines and stimulants, what to observe regarding a sick person. Feb. 7.--6. Taking temperature, baths, bedsores, nursing sick children, application of local remedies, poultices, fomentations, blisters, etc.; management of convalescents.

3. D.--Rev. George Wilson. Four Lectures. "Difficulties Encountered by District Visitors."

Feb. 14.--1. Difficulties proceeding from indifference. Feb. 21.--2. Difficulties proceeding from ignorance. Feb. 28.--3. Difficulties proceeding from adversity. Mar. 6.--4. Difficulties proceeding from anxiety. Note.--Questions invited from the ladies.

4. E.--Rev. Dr. Norman Macleod. Four Lectures. "Some Qualifications of a Church Worker, especially among the Poor."

March 13.--1. Motives and aims. March 20.--2. Difficulties and hindrances, how to overcome them. March 27.--3. Conditions of success. April 3.--4. Helps, agencies, etc.

5. F.--Rev. John McMurtrie. Two Lectures. "History and Methods of Missions to the Heathen."

April 10.--1. History of missions. April 17.--2. Methods of missions.

Another wise provision in this Scotch home is the arrangement by which those who do not wish to become deaconesses, but who want to become competent Christian workers in their own homes, can come here and spend some months in receiving training and instruction in various methods of Christian work. There is no department in life in which many blunders and much loss of time and usefulness cannot be prevented by making use of the experience of others who have previously overcome the difficulties to be encountered. In other words, we need to obtain all the preparation and discipline we can possibly have in order to do our work well; and especially is this true of Christian work, which demands the highest service that the heart and soul of humanity can give. Many individuals will come to the home to be trained and fitted to work in their own homes, and will start new lines of Christian activity that will win the sympathies and efforts of many who are eager to be employed in good works, if only they can have competent direction.

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