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A Devotee by Mary Cholmondeley

By the Author of 'The Red Badge of Courage




By the Author of 'The Red Badge of Courage.' GEORGE'S MOTHER. BY STEPHEN CRANE.

Cloth, 2s.

_Saturday Review._

'From first to last it goes with immense vigour and sympathy. But the story must be read for its power to be understood; quotation fails, for the simple reason that it is a bare story and nothing beyond. Apart from its distinctive qualities, English readers will welcome this book as an indication of the growth of a real and independent critical method across the Atlantic, side by side and directing really original work.'


'A striking scene of the relations, in a rough world, between a boy and his mother.'


'Stephen Crane proved conclusively in "The Red Badge of Courage" his possession of an extraordinary power of vivid and accurate vision expressed with startling poignancy of phrase; and in his later production, "George's Mother," we find the same rugged directness and almost savage intensity, the same contempt for conventional graces

of style, and the love for violent colouring, which marked his previous work.'

_Daily Chronicle._

'The gradual progress of deterioration in George Kelcey is very briefly but very cleverly and convincingly set out.'

_St. James's Gazette._

'It is a _tour de force_ of description and analysis, this terrible scene of George's debauch--not in the least laboured, or Zolaistic, or photographic, but amazingly actual, and lightened with a grim sense of humour.'

By the Author of 'Into the Highways and Hedges.'

WORTH WHILE. BY F. F. MONTRESOR, Author of 'Into the Highways and Hedges,' 'The One Who Looked on.'

Crown 8vo., cloth, 2s. 6d.


'The quiet excellence of Miss Montresor's little book may likely enough cause it to lie unnoticed among its thrilling companions. There is, none the less, more of art and literature in two short sketches than one is likely to meet with again in a hurry. If inferior work, gaudily bedraped, gets all the encores, in the shape of many editions, I cannot think she will greatly care. Such work as hers only comes, as the proverb has it, by prayer and fasting. And she will receive ungrudging praise from those who revere sterling merit, and respect labour at once unobtrusive, competent, sincere.'


'"Worth While" is a real idyll of a life's sacrifice, most sweetly and touchingly told.'

_Glasgow Herald._

'Both the stories in this volume are of very superior quality. The characters are distinctly original, and the workmanship is admirable.'

_Manchester Mercury._

'Although the two stories contained in the present volume are comparatively short, they serve to display the author's peculiar gifts in a striking manner.'

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