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A Devotee by Mary Cholmondeley

Prescott has evidently a future before him

_Liverpool Courier._

'Two most pathetic and beautiful stories make up this little volume. The writer is to be congratulated on the delicate beauty of her stories.'

By the Author of 'The Apotheosis of Mr. Tyrawley.' A MASK AND A MARTYR. BY E. LIVINGSTON PRESCOTT.

One vol., crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.

_Westminster Gazette._

'This is an undeniably clever book. A picture of self-sacrifice so complete and so enduring is a rare picture in fiction, and has rarely been more ably or more finely drawn. This singular and pathetic story is told all through with remarkable restraint, and shows a strength and skill of execution which place its author high among the novel-writers of the day.'

_Daily Telegraph._

'There is no doubt that this is a striking book. The story it has to tell is thoroughly original and unconventional, while the manner of telling shows much restrained power.'


'Mr. Prescott has evidently a future before him.'

_Pall Mall Gazette._

'Mr. Prescott has given us a clever and an interesting book. We have seldom read of such superhuman courage, such transcendent love, as Mr. Prescott has shown us in his masterly picture of Captain Cosmo Harradyne, of the Fighting Hussars. A story which we confidently, nay, earnestly, recommend to our readers; they will thank us for doing so.'

_National Observer._

'A book which has much cleverness of treatment, an excellent style, a great deal of interest, a high ideal, and a real pathos. Perhaps it is not necessary to add that a novel of which so much can be said is one greatly above the common run of fiction. The book should be, and we have no doubt will be, read with real interest by many people.'

'One of the best stories of the season.'--_Daily Chronicle._ HADJIRA, _A TURKISH LOVE STORY_. BY ADALET.

One volume, crown 8vo., cloth, 6s.


'Certainly one of the most interesting and valuable works of fiction issued from the press for a long time past. Even if we were to regard the book as an ordinary novel, we could commend it heartily; but its great value lies in the fact that it reveals to us a hidden world, and does so with manifest fidelity. But the reader must learn for himself the lesson which this remarkable and fascinating book teaches.'

_Daily Chronicle._

'A Turkish love story written in excellent English by a young Ottoman lady, would be a book worth reading, if only as a curiosity; but when, as in this instance, it is of uncommon merit and originality, it is particularly welcome. It is deeply interesting, fascinatingly so. It is as a picture of family life in Turkey that this book is so interesting, possibly because the picture it provides is unexpectedly agreeable. As a study of Turkish life in our times, when Western civilization is beginning to penetrate into the seclusion of the harem, this book is a valuable contribution to contemporary literature. It is a well-merited compliment to its author to say of "Hadjira" that it is one of the best stories of the season.'

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