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A Devotee by Mary Cholmondeley

There are other personages in these pages

_Pall Mall Gazette._

'An interesting and readable book.'

_St. James's Gazette._

'The book is excellently written. As a clearly truthful account of modern Turkish life, from the woman's point of view, it is as valuable as it is interesting. We shall hope to have more from the same pen.'


'A curiously interesting bit of work.'

A RELUCTANT EVANGELIST. BY ALICE SPINNER, Author of 'Lucilla,' 'A Study in Colour,' etc.

Crown 8vo., 1 vol., 6s.

_Saturday Review._

'"A Reluctant Evangelist" is as good as its predecessor "Lucilla," which we were glad to be able to praise last year. The West Indies, with their "colour problem," their weird romance and undercurrent of horror, will last a long time as background for new stories.'

_Glasgow Herald._

'It is into the wonderland of the West Indies that Miss Spinner takes us: into a region of hot sunshine, of blue sky, of sparkling sea. All the stories are excellent, and will repay perusal.'

_Pall Mall Gazette._

'Good, too, is Miss Spinner's budget

of short stories. "Buckra Tommie" is an exquisitely pathetic story. The writer is evidently at home in the South Seas, and with the out-of-the-way humanity she meets there.'

_Irish Times._

'A charming little series of stories. They are very daintily written, and although the incidents upon which they turn are not always very striking, they are at all events novel, and they have been conceived with much dramatic power.'

_Cape Times._

'These short stories are all distinctly good.'


'We can strongly recommend these stories. They are varied and interesting, and have a distinct literary merit.'


One volume, crown 8vo., 6s.


'The writer is to be congratulated on the strength with which she portrays men and women, and describes the passions of love or of grief that sometimes fill the mind. There are other personages in these pages, whose experiences of love and joy and grief are under other circumstances than those indicated; but if the writer had depicted none other than the three personages that appear in the tragic scene in London she would have scored a distinct success. An admirably-written book.'

_Sheffield Telegraph._

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