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An Elementary Study of Insects by Leonard Haseman

[Illustration: The Toad may be rough and warty in appearance but worth its weight in gold as a destroyer of insect pests. Note the expression of satisfaction after a successful night of foraging for cutworms and June-beetles.]




_Professor of Entomology in the University of Missouri_

Columbia, Missouri MISSOURI BOOK COMPANY 1923



CHAPTER I INSECTS: (1) What they are. (2) Their principal characteristics. (3) Their methods of developing. (4) The principal orders. (5) Their habits. (6) Their role in agriculture.

CHAPTER II COLLECTING INSECTS: (1) Directions for collecting. (2) Pinning and preserving a collection. (3) Rearing and observing them while alive.

CHAPTER III THE GRASSHOPPER: (1) Brief discussion of the grasshopper. (2) Field studies. (3) Breeding cage observations. (4) Study of specimen.

CHAPTER IV THE HOUSE FLY OR TYPHOID FLY: (1) Discussion of the life cycle of the fly, its habits, danger from it and how it can be stamped out. (2) Study of the fly and its work.

CHAPTER V THE MOSQUITO: (1) Brief discussion of the life habits and stages of the mosquito. (2) Observations and study.

CHAPTER VI THE CABBAGE MILLER: (1) Brief discussion of the caterpillar, the chrysalis, the butterfly, and its work. (2) Observations and study. (3) Breeding work.

CHAPTER VII THE APPLE WORM: (1) Brief discussion of the different stages of the pest, its work and remedies for its control. (2) Observations and breeding work.

CHAPTER VIII THE TOMATO OR TOBACCO WORM: (1) Brief discussion of stages, work and habits. (2) Study and observation.

CHAPTER IX THE FIREFLY: (1) Brief discussion of the insect. (2) Observations and studies.

CHAPTER X THE WHITE GRUB OR JUNE-BUG: (1) Discussion of the insect as a pest and its habits and stages. (2) Observations and studies.

CHAPTER XI THE COLORADO POTATO BEETLE: (1) Brief discussion of the pest. (2) Observations and studies.

CHAPTER XII THE LADY-BEETLE: (1) Brief discussion of habits and appearance of the lady-beetles, and their value as friends. (2) Observations and studies.

CHAPTER XIII THE DRAGON-FLY: (1) Discussion of life and habits of insect. (2) Observations and field studies.

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