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An Essay In Aid Of A Grammar Of Assent by Newman

An Essay

In Aid Of

A Grammar Of Assent.


John Henry Newman,

Of the Oratory.

Non in dialectica complacuit Deo salvum facere populum suum.



Burns, Oates, & Co.

17 & 18, Portman Street, and 63, Paternoster Row.



Dedication. Part I. Assent And Apprehension. Chapter I. Modes Of Holding And Apprehending Propositions. ? 1. Modes of Holding Propositions. ? 2. Modes of apprehending Propositions. Chapter II. Assent Considered As Apprehensive. Chapter III. The Apprehension Of Propositions. Chapter IV. Notional And Real Assent. ? 1. Notional Assents. ? 2. Real Assents. ? 3. Notional and Real Assents Contrasted. Chapter V. Apprehension And Assent In The Matter Of Religion. ? 1. Belief in One God. ? 2. Belief in the Holy Trinity. ? 3. Belief in Dogmatic Theology. Part II. Assent And Inference. Chapter VI. Assent Considered As Unconditional. ? 1. Simple Assent. ? 2. Complex Assent. Chapter VII. Certitude. ? 1. Assent and Certitude Contrasted. ? 2. Indefectibility of Certitude. Chapter VIII. Inference. ? 1. Formal Inference. ? 2. Informal Inference. ? 3. Natural Inference. Chapter IX. The Illative Sense. ? 1. The Sanction of the Illative Sense. ? 2. The Nature of the Illative Sense. ? 3. The Range of the Illative Sense. Chapter X. Inference And Assent In The Matter Of Religion. ? 1. Natural Religion. ? 2. Revealed Religion. Note. Footnotes



Edward Bellasis,

Serjeant At Law,

In Remembrance

Of A Long, Equable, Sunny Friendship;

In Gratitude

For Continual Kindnesses Shown To Me,

For An Unwearied Zeal In My Behalf,

For A Trust In Me Which Has Never Wavered,

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