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An Exposition of the Last Psalme by Iohn Boys

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DELIVERED IN A SERMON PREACHED AT PAVLES Crosse the fifth of Nouember 1613. _Which I haue ioyned to the Festiuals_ as a short Apologie for our _Holy daies in the Church_ _of England_.

DEDICATED VNTO MY HONORABLE friend and most respected kinsman Sir _William_ _Monins Baronet_.

_By IOHN BOYS, Doctor_ of Diuinitie.

_AT LONDON_ Imprinted by FELIX KYNGSTON, for _William Aspley. 1615._

* * * * *


Psalme 150. _O praise God in his holinesse, &c._

All the Psalmes of _Dauid_ are comprised in two words, [a]_Halleluiah_, and _Hosanna_, that is, blessed be God, and God blesse; as being for the greater part either praiers vnto God for receiuing mercies, or else praises vnto God for escaping miseries. This our present Hymne placed as a [b]Conclusion of the whole booke; yea, the beginning, middle, end, to which all the rest (as [c]_Musculus_ obserueth are to be referred) inuiteth vs in prescript and postscript, in title, in text, in euery verse, and in euery Clause of euery verse to _praise the Lord_. Teaching these two points especially:

1. For what } God is to be magnified. 2. With what }

For what, vers. 1, 2. _O praise God in his holinesse, praise him in the firmament of his power, praise him in his noble acts, praise him according to his excellent greatnesse._

With what, euen with all that is

Without vs, vers. 3. 4. 5. _Praise him in the sound of the trumpet, &c._

Within vs, vers. 6. _Omnis spiritus_, &c. _Let euery spirit praise the Lord, praise yee the Lord._

[Sidenote a: _Gueuara._]

[Sidenote b: _Lyra in loc._]

[Sidenote c: _In loc._]

This in briefe is the whole texts _Epitomie_, I come now to the words _Anotomie_, cutting vp euery part and particle seuerally, beginning first at the first, _O praise God in his holinesse_. Of which one sentence the Doctors haue many (though not aduerse yet diuerse) readings, especially three: _Praise God in his Saints, praise God in his sanctitie, praise God in his sanctuarie_. _S. Hierome_, _Augustine_, _Prosper_, and [d]other as well ancient interpreters as moderne translate here praise God in his _Saints_. For if he must be praised in all his creatures, how much more in his new creatures? if in the witlesse wormes, and senselesse vapours, Psal. 148, much more doubtlesse (as _Theodorit_ here collects) in men, in holie men, in _Saints_, vpon whom hee hath out of his [e]vnsearchable riches of mercie, bestowed the blessings of the [f]life present; and of that which is to come.

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