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Early Illustrated Books by Alfred W. Pollard

Transcriber's Notes

Inconsistent spellings and hyphenation have been retained as in the original. With the exception of minor changes to format or punctuation, any changes to the text are listed at the end of the book.

In this Plain Text version of the e-book, symbols from the ASCII character set only are used. The following substitutions are made for accented characters and other symbols in the text:

[:a], [:o],[:u] = o-umlaut, u-umlaut [AE], [ae] = ae-ligature [a'], [e'], [o'], [u'] = a-grave, e-grave, o-grave, u-grave [c,] = c-cedilla ['E], ['e] = e-acute [^e] = e-circumflex [et] = Latin Small Letter Et [:e], [:i] = e, i with dieresis [~n] = n-tilde [OE] and [oe] = oe-ligature (upper and lower case). [P] = paragraph symbol ['u] = u-acute [.] = centre dot

Other conventions used to represent the original text are as follows:

Italic typeface is indicated by _underscores_. Small caps typeface is represented by UPPER CASE. Superscript typeface is preceded by caret (e.g. y^e)

Footnotes are numbered in sequence throughout the book and presented at the end of each chapter.

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_Books about Books_ _Edited by A. W. Pollard_

Early Illustrated Books


Early Illustrated Books

A History of the Decoration and Illustration of Books in the 15th and 16th Centuries

By Alfred W. Pollard


_Second Edition_

London Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., Ltd. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co. MDCCCCXVII

_First Edition, 1893_ _Second Edition, revised and corrected_ _May 1917_

_The rights of translation and of reproduction are reserved_


This little book was written nearly a quarter of a century ago in the enthusiasm of a first acquaintance with a fascinating subject, and with an honest endeavour to see for myself as many as possible of the books I set out to describe. If I had tried to rewrite it now I might have made it more interesting to experts, but at the cost of destroying whatever merit it possesses as an introductory sketch. I have therefore been content to correct, as thoroughly as I could, its many small errors (not all of my own making), more especially those due to the ascription of books to impossible dates and printers, which before the publication of Robert Proctor's _Index to the Early Printed Books in the British Museum_, in 1898, was very difficult to avoid. In these emendations, and in getting the titles of foreign books into better form, I have had much kind help from Mr. Victor Scholderer of the British Museum. I am grateful also to Mr. E. Gordon Duff for his leave to use again the chapter on English Illustrated Books which he kindly wrote for me for the first edition.

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