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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

And likewise to the fforest side

appeareth by the accompt of

Maurice de Scto Amando, and the rest were _Forgium Itinerans ad siccum in bosco de_, _&c_. All lyberty beinge prohibited for cuttinge of greene wood but to his Mates owne forge. And whosoever cutt greene wood was by the officer of the Bayliwycke attached for the same. Also by negligence of former officers the inhabitantes of the said forest have much insulted by cuttinge of trees in the said forest, whereas by Recorde it appeareth the Kynge's Warrant was in former tymes obtayned for cuttinge of deade trees, and who soe cutt, shredd, or lopped great wood wthout good warrant, was from tyme to tyme attached, presented, and made to paye for ye same. There are, to keepe and preserve the woodes of the said forest, tenn woodwardes, or Baylyfes of ffee, who hould Landes by that service, viz. Per servitum custodiendi boscum Domini Regis infra Ballinam, &c. Yet late experience proveth that they, their Tenauntes and Servantes, are as great spoilers as any others. And the antient Recordes make mencon, that some of these woodwardes have forfeyted their Bayliwyckes, and have compounded wth the Kinge to have them againe regranted. It appeareth alsoe by Recordes, that the King hath bene answered of Browsewood wthin the Forest of Deane, and therein is sett downe what ffees were from tyme to tyme allowed to the keeper and what not. The profitt to be made of the said woodes is either by convertinge the same to coles, and soe for makinge iron or otherwise by sellinge of the tymber by the
tonne. In wch disposition of the woodes there wil be lytle or noe difference in advantage. But of the two the makinge of coles will be lykely to yield most profitt."

These succeeding papers, preserved with those already given, have also their interest:--

"Certain lands and tenemts holden by the face, and called new sett landes, wch the tenantes doe passe from partie to partie in the Kinge's Court at St Breuills, being all the Kinge's lands liing in the fforest of Deane in com' Glouc., every tenante there payeing a certein yerely rent to his Mts Bailiff. Imprimis, the parke of Thomas Baynham, Esqr, called Noxon, is parcell therof, except from the gutter to the pale towards his house, holden by the tenure aforesaid, 50li per ann.

"Item, the house and land of Richard Allowaye, gent., is so holden, 30li per ann.

"George Wirrelle's land at Bicknor, from the same towne to one Sipprian's howse, and so downe to Skidmore's house, and likewise to the fforest side, is of the like tenure, together wth other lands beyond his house, 50li per ann.

"Richard Carpenter's land, called 5 acres, and his corne leasowes, wth all his other landes abutting vpon Mr Thornburie's Myll, and so vp to the same forrest, is so holden, 15li pr ann.

"Mr Thornburie's Myll, wth all the landes thereunto belonginge, is so holden, 20li.

"Richard Wirgan's land, nere to a place called the Meine, wthin the said forrest, adioyning to the woodside, is of that same tenure, 10li.

"Christofer Bunn holdeth parcell of the same landes wch I have not viewed, 10li.

"The Earle of Pembrooke holdeth by lease for 5 yeres yet to come, Whitemayde Parke, wch was taken out of the forrest, of the like tenure, 20li.

"Sir Edward Winter's parke from the woodeside to the launde is of the like tenure, together wth the 2 highwaies wch have bene inclosed out of the forrest wthin this 20 yeres, 30li.

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