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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

Or Court of Attachment wthin the same fforrest


Earwoode's ground from Mr Carpenter's to the forrest side is of the same tenure, 15li.

"Thomas Dininge's Myll, called Breame, wth all the landes and tenements thereto belonging, is so holden, as allso his house and land upon the hill, and all other his landes towardes Breame likewise.

"Item, all the lands from Conyers bridge, being a great quantity, to the forrest, are belonging to the same landes, but lately aliened & sould by deed, & now holden by demise, are of like tenure, being parcell of the forrest, 40li.

"Mr. Jeames, of Bristoll, holdeth 100li per ann. of the same tenure wthin the forrest.

"Md these are not halfe the landes on that side the forrest, but towards Michell Deane & little Deane there is muche more.

"Item, Willm. Hall hath land there wch a Dyer holdeth vnder him, & was taken out of the Kinge's comon, together wth other lands not yet throughly viewed.

"Item, all Wrurdyne is much more land, wch shall be viewed & sett downe hereafter.

"Item, Stanton's myne, wth much other land vnviewed, is so holden.

"All wch particulars doe but conteine but the least parte of the landes holden by the foresaid tenure."

Further particulars, of the same

character as the above, and forming a part of the series now given, occur in the records of another survey, as follows:--

"Rent reserved for the farme of two Messuages and one Watermill, of which two Messuages one is called Sulley, the other Redmore; And of 5 cotages, with gardens and orchards to the same belonginge; and of one 30 Acres of Land, Meadow, Pasture, Arrable, and Woodland; Some whereof are called Salley fields, Gumspitt, Le Harper, Diwardens, Broadfeild, Radmore, Coppier, Kew-grove, Martin's Wall, and Ediland, conteyninge together CCCXLVII acres, one rood, and one perch, late in the occupacon of Edward James, lying in the fforest of Deane, in the County of Gloucester, of the yearely value of VIS and VIIID and IVS penny halfepenny.

"And of six Messuages, six Barnes, gardens, and orchards to the same belongings, And of XVI. several Closes of Land, Meadowe, Pasture, Arrable Land, and Woodland; Two whereof are called Cownedge, ten called Digges, one called Bradley, one Beggars' Thorne mead, one called Marshall's grove, and the other called ffernefeilde, and one other called Bradley, conteyninge in the whole Threescore and ten acres and three roods, lying in the fforest aforesaid, late in the occupation of Robert Pearke, of the yearly value of IIS and VID, &c. &c. &c.

"The names of the officers belonging to his Mties fforrest of Deane in Com' Glouc., viz., the Earle of Pembrooke is now High Cunstable of the same fforest. William Winter and Roger Myners, Esqrs, or one of them, is deputie Cunstable to the said Earle, & they keepe Courtes every 3 weeks at St Breuilles, and allso every 6 weekes at the Speach House, or Court of Attachment wthin the same fforrest. William Carpenter is Steward of St Breuills Courtes & the said Speach Court or Attachementes courtes. Robert Bridgeman is Bailiff for all the said Courtes, and allso in all the liberties in the said fforrest, and James Yennys is his deputie Bayliff. Md every tenantes & the borderers doe take tymber for their buildings as allso hedge woods to inclose their own groundes, & take fyring at their pleasure wthin the fforrest, & sell their owne woodes and the woodes of the landes wthin mentioned, to the great spoile of the Kinge's woodes wthin the said fforrest."

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