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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

With regard to the trees 170 years old

_The following letter of Mr. Vaughan_, _of Court Field on the Wye_, _near Lydbrook, merits insertion_, _as bearing testimony to the value of the preceding Tables compiled by Mr. Machen_, _exhibiting the growth of Trees in the Forest_.

"Court Field, October 15, 1841.


"I thank you very much for the interesting account you have sent me of the result of your observation during a series of years upon the growth of trees. It is really a most curious document. I ought to have thanked you sooner, but I was anxious, first, to compare your Table with the result of my own admeasurements of trees at Court Field in various situations; and give you, at the same time, the result of my calculations.

"I find that my experience fully corroborates yours, though it induces me to believe that the forest growth is slightly below an average--which the soil and situation would also induce one to imagine.

"I calculate, from your Table, that an oak-tree measuring 6 inches girt doubles its contents (exclusive of its increase in height and limb) in 5 to 6 years. Whereas, a tree measuring 8.5 inches, or half a foot girt, requires 10 or 12 years to double itself.

"With regard

to the trees 170 years old, I find that A has increased 19 feet or 28 per cent. only in 30 years, and B 26 feet or 48 per cent. during the same period; neither, therefore, paying much interest on their value within the last 30 years.

"I calculate that the value of the acres of growing timber which you refer to (73 oaks averaging 58 feet) would be 624 pounds at 7 pounds 10s. per 50 feet; or, if the original value of the land and expense of ploughing it amounted to 25 pounds, about twenty-five times its original value.

"If the thinnings be considered equivalent to the expense of protection-fences, &c., and 25 pounds at compound interest for 170 years be calculated, 624 pounds will be found to be less than 1/20 per cent. = a hundredth of 5 per cent. per annum.

"I remain, my dear Sir, very faithfully yours,


No. IV. Mr. Wyrrall's Survey of the Forest of Dean Iron Works in 1635.

"_Canop Furnace_.--Most pt new built, the rest repaired by the Farmers, 22ft square, wheel 22ft diamr. Furnace box built 4 years since by the Farmers. Bridge-house 48ft by 21, 9 high, built 4 years, Bellow's boards 18ft by 4. Clerk's house and stable built by the Farmers. A cottage built by the Workmen belonging to the Works, now occupied by the Filler. Built before the Farmers hired.--Founder's house, Minecracker's cabin, A Mine Kiln.

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