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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

A dam a mile above Sowdley built by the Farmers


Furnace_.--Same dimensions, repaired 4 years since by the Farmers, Wheel and almost all the houses built by the Farmers.

"_Park end Forge_.--2 Hamrs, 3 Fineries, 1 Chaffery, repd 2 years since, one of the Fineries new.

"_Whitecroft Forge_,--built abt 6 yrs since by the Farmers, do do

"_Bradley Forge_.--do do do

"_Sowdley Furnace_, built 3 years--Qu. if rebuilt? Bridge house, pt built by the farmers, pt old and decayd, Trow leading to the wheel, .5 made new 5 years since, decayd, 5 Cottages, 1 built by the Farmers. A dam a mile above Sowdley built by the Farmers. A dam half a mile still higher, built long since.

"_Sowdley Forge_, 2 Fineries, 1 Chaffery built 2 years, in the place of the old Forge. Trows & Penstocks made new by the Farmers, decayed.

"_Lydbrook Furnace_, 23ft long, 9 bottom, 23ft deep, new built 3 yrs since from the ground, 3 ft higher than before, much cracked. A great Buttress behind the Furnace to strengthen it.

"_Lydbrook Forge_.--1 Chaffery, 2 Fineries, House built 4 years, being burnt by accident."

Besides the above, Mr. Wyrrall also transcribed the following additional particulars from a MS. dated 23 September, 1635, and endorsed,--"The booke of Survey for the Forest of Deane

Iron work, and the Warrant annexed unto yt."

"_Cannope Furnace_.--Now blowinge, and likely to contynue aboute 3 weeks. The most part new built, and the rest repaired by the Farmers about 4 years since. Stone walls, about 60lb, consistinge of the stone body thereof 22 foote square, wherein are:--

"In the fore front 4 Sowes of Iron } and the Tempiron Wall 3 Sowes } 7 Sowes.

"A Wheele, 22 Foote diamr, 7 Iron Whops, one the Waste, made about three years since. With Shafte and all things belonginge about 20lb, in good repaire.

"The Furnace Howse half tiled, built with timber 4 years since by the Farmers, cost about 80lb, in repaire.

"The Bridge house, 21 foot broad, 48 foot longe, and 9 foote heigh, built about 2 years since, the bridge about 4 years, covered with bords bottomed with Planks.

"5 bellow bords ready sawed, 18ft longe, 4ft broad. A Watter Trowe 1ft at bottome and 15 ynches high, 75 yards longe, leadinge the water to the Wheele, cut out of the whole tymber, and ledged at the top, newe made within 4 years, and now in repaire, cost about 20lb.

"The Hutch leading the Watter from the Wheele, 5 foot square, 85 foote long, not mended by these farmers, in repaire.

"In doinge of the saied Workes, besids the Hutch used by estimate about 150 Tonns, at VIIIS, and the Hutch about 40 Tonns, being trees only slitt and clapt together at 5s the Ton.

"_Outhouses_.--The Furnace Keeper's Cabbyne built of timber covered with bords built by the Farmers, cost 3lb, 4 tonns.

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