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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

So as for the camb to lay hold of this iron


Hutch_, or as it is now corruptly called the Witch, a wide covered drain below the furnace-wheel to carry off the water from it, usually arched, but here only covered with timbers to support the rubbish and earth thrown upon it.

"_Cambs_ are iron cogs fixed in the shaft to work the bellows as the wheel turns round.

"_Cinder Shovels_, iron shovels for taking up the cinders into the boxes, both to measure them and to fill the furnace.

"_Moulding Ship_, an iron tool fixed on a wooden handle, so formed as to make the gutters in the sand for casting the pig and sow iron.

"_Casting Ladles_, made hollow like a dish, with a lip to lade up the liquid iron for small castings.

"_Wringers_, large long bars of iron to wring the furnace, that is to clear it of the grosser and least fluid cinder which rises on the upper surface, and would there coagulate and soon prevent the furnace from working aright.

"_Constable_, a bar of very great substance and length, kept always lying by a furnace in readiness for extraordinary purposes in which uncommon strength and purchase were required. I suppose this name to have been given to this tool on account of its superior bulk and power, and in allusion to the Constable of St. Briavel's Castle, an officer heretofore of very great weight and consequence

in this Forest.

"_Cinder Hook_, a hook of iron for drawing away the scruff or cinder which runs liquid out of the furnace over the dam plate, and soon becomes a solid substance, which must be removed to make room for fresh cinder to run out into its place.

"_Plackett_, a tool contrived as a kind of trowel for smoothing and shaping the clay.

"_Buckstones_, now called Buckstaves, are two thick plates of iron, about 5 or 6 feet long, fixed one on each side of the front of the furnace down to the ground to support the stone work.

"_Iron Tempe_ is a plate fixed at the bottom of the front wall of the furnace over the flame between the buck-staves.

"_Tuiron Plate_ is a plate of cast iron fixed before the noses of the bellows, and so shaped as to conduct the blast into the body of the furnace.

"_Tuiron Hooke_, a tool contrived for conveying a lump of tempered clay before the point of the tuiron plate, to guard the wall from wearing away as it would otherwise do in that part, there being the greatest force of the fire.

"_Shammel Plate_, a piece of cast iron fixed on a wooden frame, in the shape of a ---|, which works up and down as a crank, so as for the camb to lay hold of this iron, and thereby press down the bellows.

"_Firketts_ are large square pieces of timber laid upon the upper woods of the bellows, to steady it and to work it.

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