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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

Betwixt James Bennet and his vearns


is a copy of an Agreement, resembling no doubt the one mentioned above:--

"August the 8th.--In the ear of our Lord 1754. Aun award, or an Agreement, made by Richard Powell, John Jenkins, Wm Thomas, Thos Worgan, and James Elsmore, betwixt James Bennet and his vearns, belonging to a coale work called by the name off Upper Rockey, and Robert Tingle and his vearnes, belonging to the Inging Coale Work near the Nail Bridge, within the Hunderd of Saint Bravewells; and we have farther agreed that the fore said James Bennet and his vearns shall have the liberty of getting what coale their leavel will dry without being interrupted, but they shall not get coale by the strength of hauling or laveing of water within the bounds of Robert Tingle and his vearns, except to drowl their work, under the forfet of the sum of five pounds; and we do farther agree that Robert Tingle and his vearns shall com in at any time to see if they do carry on their work in a proper manner without trespassing them; and if the foresaid James Bennet and his vearns do interrupt them for comming in to see their work, they shall forfeit the sum of five pounds. And we do order the partys to stand to their expenses share share alike, and the viewers to be paid between both partys, which his fifteen shillings.

"The mark of X RICHD POWELL.

"The mark of X JOHN JENKINS.

"The mark of X JAMES ELSMORE.

"The mark of X Wm THOMAS.

"The mark of X THOS WORGAN."

The following is a specimen of an official "Forbid:"--

"Thomas Hobbs. I do hereby, in his Majesty King George the Third's name, being owner and chief gaveller of his Majesty's Forest of Dean, in the county of Gloucester, and of the coal and mines therein, forbid you, your verns, your servants, agents, or workmen, for getting, diging, or raising any more stone coal out of any fire pitt or pitts, or water pitt or pitts, a deep the Majors suff level gutter in the said Forest, or to permit or suffer any stone coal to be got, dug, or raised out of any such pitt or pitts, untill you have satisfied and paid me his Majesty's gale and dues for working and getting coal in such pitts for two years last past, and untill you agree with me for the gale and dues of such pitt and pitts for the future. If you break this forbid, you will incur the penalty of an Order made by forty-eight free miners.

"Dated this 22d day of } JOHN ROBINSON, &c., May, 1775. } deputy gaveller."

In the terms of a Memorandum, apparently of this date, or perhaps earlier, it is said:--

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