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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

Except the Buckholt Enclosure mentioned last

"_Serridge Enclosure_ was made about twelve years ago. It contained 409 acres 3 roods 20 poles, and was fenced with a dry stone wall, of which but little remains, being quite open in many parts; there are no young trees of any sort, and but few old trees."

"_Heywood Enclosure_ contained 715 acres 3 roods 38 poles, and was made about ten years ago, part with a dry stone wall, and part pales; very few traces remain, and in some parts none at all. We have been informed that great part of the wall was pulled down, or fell, before the whole was completed, and the pales carried away by waggons, &c., soon after they were put up; and from its present appearance it is evident no advantage has been derived from this enclosure, as there are no young trees in any part of it."

The three following enclosures, containing together 323 acres 1 rood 33 poles, are all that remain enclosed and in good repair, except the Buckholt Enclosure mentioned last, viz.:--

"_Stapleage Enclosure_, containing 183 acres 1 rood 3 poles, has been made about five years, part with dry stone wall, and part dead hedge; in general in good repair. In some parts of it there are a few small oak and beech plants, and also a few large oaks and beeches."

"_Speech House Enclosure_, containing 5 acres 6 poles, was made

four years ago by the Deputy Surveyor, and planted with acorns which have produced some young oaks."

"_Birchwood Enclosure_, containing 135 acres 24 poles, has been made about five years, part with dead hedge and part dry stone wall, which in general is in good repair; there are but few young oaks coming up."

"_Buckholt Enclosure_, which contains 352 acres 3 roods 20 poles, has been made about eighty years, the greatest part with a stone wall, the rest hedge and ditch. The fences of this enclosure have of late years been kept in good repair. There are some very fine large oaks in it, but in general it contains a great quantity of fine young beech. There are also some oak-trees of about ten or fifteen years' growth, and young oaks are coming up from acorns which have been set in vacant places. A few Weymouth pines have also been planted in this enclosure, which grow very well."

The total acreage of these enclosures was 3,220 acres 6 poles, and their position is shown pretty accurately by Mr. Taylor in his map of the county. Messrs. Driver's report also informs us that there were now 589 houses, 1,798 pieces of land encroached from the open Forest, comprising 1,385 acres 3 roods 21 poles, thus distributed in the six "walks:"--

Number of Number of pieces Their extent. Cottages. of land A. R. P. Speech-House Walk 1 2 0 0 21 Worcester do. 218 455 295 2 36 Herbert do. 95 487 325 2 22 Latimer do. 53 257 122 3 22 Danby do. 367 1201 744 1 21 York do. 98 173 195 3 15 Ellwood do. 113 397 417 3 10

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