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The Forest of Dean by H. G. Nicholls

The Buckholt was planted with three years old oaks

A. R. P. Shute 158 3 35 near Bream. Castle Bromley 258 3 13 ,, Park End. Chesnuts 163 2 13 ,, Flaxley. Sallow 397 2 33 ,, Lydbrook. Vallets Ruerdean 313 3 19 ,, Ruerdean. Hill Additional 14 3 29 ,, Coleford. to Buckholt ---- -- -- 1307 3 22

These enclosures were not planted, however, like the former ones; since, from the exuberance of weeds, and the ravages of mice, &c., that method had failed, three-fourths of the acorns never appearing, and many of those that did come up were too weak to make their way through the other more luxuriant growth that overwhelmed and choked them. But these enclosures, according to a second agreement made with Mr. Driver, as likewise all the future ones, were planted with seedling oaks instead of acorns, care being taken to clear the holes once or twice, and only the tenth trees were introduced as before. The Buckholt was planted with three years old oaks, from the woodmen's nurseries.

The first general report of the Commissioners of Woods, &c., appointed under the Acts of 34th George III., c. 75, and 50th George III., c. 65, was made on the 4th of June, 1812, and was signed "Glenbervie, W. D. Adams, Henry Dawkins."

It says little respecting this Forest, merely alluding to it in common with the other royal forests, as fitted to take its place in supplying timber to the navy, which required 88,659 loads annually, a quantity so large as to be equivalent to 1,000 acres of oak a century old. In their present state the Royal Forests could not supply a tenth part of this amount, and would always be deficient unless 1,000 acres were planted every year for the next 100 years, by which time the above quantity might be annually felled. Ere this year ended, the Enclosure Commissioners concluded their labours of setting out the rest of the 11,000 acres in Dean Forest.

The plantations made the ensuing year of 1813 were--

A. R. P. Oaken Hill 477 2 11 near Park End. Park Hill 141 0 26 ,, Park End. Blakeney 816 1 0 ,, Blakeney. Hill ---- -- -- 1434 3 37

Permission was also given to the Severn and Wye Tramroad Company to construct a branch to the colliery at the Ivy Moore Head, as well as to Messrs. Protheroe to erect a steam engine at "Catch Can." The area of the encroachments in the Forest in 1813, and which had at that time been taken in more than twenty years, amounted to 1,610 acres 2 roods 18 poles, divided into 2,239 patches, on which were 785 houses, occupied by 1,111 persons.

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