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Faith Gartney's Girlhood by A. D. T. Whitney




Author of "The Gayworthy's," "A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life," "Footsteps on the Seas," etc.

New York The New York Book Company 1913


I. "Money, Money!" 1 II. Sortes. 4 III. Aunt Henderson. 6 IV. Glory McWhirk. 10 V. Something Happens. 15 VI. Aunt Henderson's Girl Hunt. 26 VII. Cares; And What Came Of Them. 31 VIII. A Niche In Life, And A Woman To Fill It. 34 IX. Life Or Death? 37 X. Rough Ends. 40 XI. Cross Corners. 43 XII. A Reconnoissance. 49 XIII. Development. 54 XIV. A Drive With The Doctor. 59 XV. New Duties. 65 XVI. "Blessed Be Ye, Poor." 68 XVII. Frost-Wonders. 75 XVIII. Out In The Snow. 79 XIX. A "Leading." 85 XX. Paul. 89 XXI. Pressure. 94 XXII. Roger Armstrong's Story. 99 XXIII. Question And Answer. 103 XXIV. Conflict. 112 XXV. A Game At Chess. 116 XXVI. Lakeside. 120 XXVII. At The Mills. 124 XXVIII. Locked In. 127 XXIX. Home. 135 XXX. Aunt Henderson's Mystery. 140 XXXI. Nurse Sampson's Way Of Looking At It. 147 XXXII. Glory Mcwhirk's Inspiration. 152 XXXIII. Last Hours. 157 XXXIV. Mrs. Parley Gimp. 160 XXXV. Indian Summer. 164 XXXVI. Christmastide. 169 XXXVII. The Wedding Journey. 177




"Shoe the horse and shoe the mare, And let the little colt go bare."

East or West, it matters not where--the story may, doubtless, indicate something of latitude and longitude as it proceeds--in the city of Mishaumok, lived Henderson Gartney, Esq., one of those American gentlemen of whom, if she were ever canonized, Martha of Bethany must be the patron saint--if again, feminine celestials, sainthood once achieved through the weary experience of earth, don't know better than to assume such charge of wayward man--born, as they are, seemingly, to the life destiny of being ever "careful and troubled about many things."

We have all of us, as little girls, read "Rosamond." Now, one of Rosamond's early worries suggests a key to half the worries, early and late, of grown men and women. The silver paper won't cover the basket.

Mr. Gartney had spent his years, from twenty-five to forty, in sedulously tugging at the corners. He had had his share of silver paper, too--only the basket was a little too big.

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