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A Gunner Aboard the "Yankee" by Russell Doubleday


From the Diary of Number Five of the After Port Gun (Russell Doubleday)

The Yarn of the Cruise and Fights of the Naval Reserves in the Spanish-American War

Edited by H. H. LEWIS, Late a S.N.

With Introduction by W. T. SAMPSON, Rear Admiral U.S.



Honorary President, THE HON. WOODROW WILSON Honorary Vice-President, HON. WILLIAM H. TAFT Honorary Vice-President, COLONEL THEODORE ROOSEVELT President, COLIN B. LIVINGSTONE, Washington, D.C. Vice-President, B.L. DULANEY, Bristol, Tenn. Vice-President, MILTON A. McRAE, Detroit, Mich. Vice-President, DAVID STARR JORDAN, Stanford University, Cal. Vice-President, F.L. SEELY, Asheville, N.C. Vice-President, A. STAMFORD WHITE, Chicago, Ill. Chief Scout, ERNEST THOMPSON SETON, Greenwich, Connecticut National Scout Commissioner, DANIEL CARTER BEARD, Fishing, N.Y.


FINANCE COMMITTEE John Sherman Hoyt, Chairman George D. Pratt Mortimer L. Schiff H. Rogers Winthrop

GEORGE D. PRATT Treasurer JAMES E. WEST Chief Scout Executive

ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE EXECUTIVE BOARD Ernest P. Bicknell Robert Garrett Lee F. Hanmer Jobe Sherman Hoyt Charles C. Jackson Prof. Jeremiah W. Jeeks William D. Murray Dr. Charles P. Nell Frank Presbrey Edgar M. Robinson Mortimer L. Schiff Lorillard Spencer Seth Spreguy Terry

July 31st, 1913.


In the execution of its purpose to give educational value and moral worth to the recreational activities of the boyhood of America, the leaders of the Boy Scout Movement quickly learned that to effectively carry out its program, the boy must be influenced not only in his out-of-door life but also in the diversions of his other leisure moments. It is at such times that the boy is captured by the tales of daring enterprises and adventurous good times. What now is needful is not that his taste should be thwarted but trained. There should constantly be presented to him the books the boy likes best, yet always the books that will be best for the boy. As a natter of fact, however, the boy's taste is being constantly vitiated and exploited by the great mass of cheap juvenile literature.

To help anxiously concerned parents and educators to meet this grave peril, the Library Commission of the Boy Scouts of America has been organized. EVERY BOY'S LIBRARY is the result of their labors. All the books chosen have been approved by them. The Commission is composed of the following members: George F. Bowerman, Librarian, Public Library of the District of Columbia, Washington, D.C.; Harrison W. Graver, Librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Claude G. Leland, Superintendent, Bureau of Libraries, Board of Education, New York City; Edward F. Stevens, Librarian, Pratt Institute Free Library, Brooklyn, New York; together with the Editorial Board of our Movement, William D. Murray, George D. Pratt and Frank Presbrey, with Franklin K. Mathiews. Chief Scout Librarian, as Secretary.

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