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A History of England Principally in the Seventeent

187 Ribadeneyra 'No fueron sino tres votos mas


style="text-align: justify;">[180] 'Ayant visage pale fier haultain et superbe pour desguyser le regret qu'elle a.' Renard to the Emperor 24 Feb. 1554, in Tytler ii. 311. He adds, 'si pendant l'occasion s'adonne, elle (la reine) ne la punyt et Cortenay, elle ne sera jamais assuree.'

[181] 'Manifesto el contentamiento grande que tendria el rey de saber que se declaba la sucesion en favor de ella (Isabel), cosa que S. M. habia descado sempre.' In Gonzalez, Apuntamientos para la historia del rey Don Felipe II. Memorias de la real academia de historia, Madrid, vii. 253.

[182] One of the documents which Mackintosh (History of England iii. 25) missed, the commission for the proposal to Elizabeth, which gives its contents, was soon after printed in Gonzalez, Documentos I. 405.

[183] Feria: 'Dando a entender, que el pueblo la ha puesto en el estado que esta, y de esto no reconoce nada ni a V. M., ni a la nobleza del reino.'

[184] An oration of John Hales to the Queen delivered by a certain nobleman, in Foxe, Martyrs iii. 978. 'It most manifestly appeareth, that all their doings from the beginning to the end were and be of none effect force or autority.'

[185] P Sarpi, Concilio di Trento, lib. v. p. 420, confirmed by Pallavicino lib. xiv.

[186] Horne's Papers for the reformed, in

Collier ii. 416.

[187] Ribadeneyra: 'No fueron sino tres votos mas, los que determinaron en las cortes, que se mudasse la religion catolica, que los que pretendian que se conservasse.' Ribadeneyra says the Queen gained Arundel's vote by allowing him to hope for her hand, and then laughed at him; but Feria's despatches show that she mocked at his pretensions even before her entry on the government.

[188] Soames iv. 675. Liturgiae Britannicae 417.

[189] From Feria's despatches, Apuntamientos 270.

[190] In Heylin there is a comparison of the original forty-two with the later thirty-nine Articles; but he did not venture at last to do what he proposed at first, give his opinion as to the reason and nature of the variations.

[191] Leslaeus de rebus gestis Scotorum: Henricus Mariam Reginam Angliae Scotiae et Hiberniae declarandam curavit,--Angliae et Scotiae insignia in ipsius vasis aliisque utensilibus simul pingi fingique ac adeo tapetibus pulvinis intexi jussit. (In Jebb i. 206.)

[192] From one of Cecil's first notes, 'if they offered battle with Almains, there was great doubt, how England would be able to sustain it.' In Nares ii. 27.



In its earliest period church reform was everywhere introduced or promoted by the temporal governments; in Germany by the government of the Empire, and by the Princes and towns which did not allow the authorisation, once given them through the Empire, to be again withdrawn; in the North by the new dynasties which took the place of the Union-Princes; in Switzerland itself by the Great-Councils which possessed the substance of the republican authority. After manifold struggles and vicissitudes this tendency had at last yet once more established itself in its full force under Queen Elizabeth in England.

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