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A History of England Principally in the Seventeent

NOTES 203 Throckmorton to Chamberlain


style="text-align: justify;">[203] Throckmorton to Chamberlain, 21 Nov. 1560, in Wright, Elizabeth i. 52.

[204] Throckmorton, in Tytler, History of Scotland vi. 194. In a memoir of Cecil, 'a note of indignities and wrongs done by the Queen of Scots to the Queen's Majesty,' in Murdin 582, the greatest stress is justly laid on this refusal.

[205] Castelnau, Memoires iii. 13. 'Cette jeune princesse avoit un esprit grand et inquiete, comme celui du feu Cardinal de Lorraine son oncle, auxquels ont succede la pluspart des choses contraires a leurs deliberations.'

[206] As it is once expressed in one of her letters: 'pour l'advanchement de mes affaires tant en ce pays (Scotland) qu'en celuy la, ou je pretends quelque droit (England).' In Labanoff, Lettres et Memoires de Marie Stuart i. 247.

[207] 'Que la conveniencia publica, en especial la de la religion aconsejaba que la reina su ama, se casase con el principe Don Carlos.' From the ambassador's reports in Gonzalez 299.

[208] 'Qu'il ne tiendra, qu'au dit Espagne qu'il (ce mariage) se ne fasse.' Additions a Castelnau.

[209] Compare Conaeus, Vita Mariae, in Jebb i. 24.

[210] Conversation with Randolph, in Tytler vi. 316. Murray says to him: 'the Queen would dislike and suspect him, because he had

deceived her with promises which he could not realise: he was the counsellor and devizer of that line of policy, which for the last five years had been pursued towards England; he it was that had induced her to defer to Elizabeth.'

[211] Spottiswood, History of the Church of Scotland ii. 25. 'If it should fall him to marry with one of the great families of England, it was to be feared that some impediment might be made to her in the right of succession.'

[212] Lislebourc (Edinburgh), 24 July 1565, in Labanoff vii. 430.

[213] Compare Apuntamientos 312. The letter itself in Mignet ii. App. E.

[214] Sacchinus, Historia societatis Jesu, pp. iii, xiii, no. 166.

[215] Fragment d'un Memoire de Marie Stuart sur la noblesse. Labanoff vii. 297.

[216] Memoire adresse a Cosme I, from the Archivio Mediceo at Florence, in Labanoff vii. 65.

[217] James Melvil, Memoirs 59.

[218] From a despatch of Randolph's in Mackintosh, History of England iii. 73. 'David is he that worketh all, chief secretary of the Queen of Scotland, only governor to her good man.' Can the date be right?

[219] 'Volemo quel galante la e non volemo esser governati per un servitor.' Letter to Cosimo I, in Tuscany, in Labanoff vii. 92.

[220] Queen Mary to the Archbishop of Glasgow, 2 April 1566, in Keith and Labanoff. Of all the reports on this event the most important and trustworthy.

[221] 'That the king ... suld take the prince our son and crown him and being crownit as his father suld tak upon him the government.' Mary to the Archbishop of Glasgow, in Labanoff i. 396.

[222] Compare Robertson, Dissertation on King Henry's murder, Works i., History of Scotland 243. From a letter of Thuanus to Camden (1606) it is clear how much trouble it already cost him to arrive at a decided opinion.

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