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A History of England Principally in the Seventeent

' 499 Observation of Contarini


under these circumstances the King would have succeeded in giving effect to his ideas, even if more peaceful times had ensued, was from the beginning extremely doubtful.[499]


[483] Al. Contarini, Aug. 14, 1628. 'Carleton mi soggionse che certamente la flotta si volgerebbe in ajuto del re di Danimarca, quando Piu non fosse necessaria in Francia.'

[484] The first intimation of this design occurs in an anonymous letter to the King, which probably belongs to the year 1623: Cabala 223. In the correspondence of the ambassadors the project is assumed as certain.

[485] Ruszdorf: 'Magnos apparatus instituit, quibus sperat structuram et molem rumpere'

[486] From the letter of Dudley Viscount Dorchester, in Bruce's Calendar.

[487] 'The remonstrance in the last Parliament and that the duke was the cause of the public grievances, it came into his mind that it would be a good service to God and the Commonwealth to take him away.' Relation of the Duke of Buckingham's death. (St. P. O.)

[488] From the report of Duppa (St. P. O.), which admirably supplements that which is given in the State Trials iii. 370.

[489] 'That the common good could no way be a pretense to a particular mischief.'

justify;">[490] Rushworth i. 654: 'To avow a breach upon just cause given, not sought by the King.'

[491] Fragmentary memoranda of a sitting of the Privy Council at the beginning of February 1628-29. (St P. O.)

[492] Statement of the printer. Parliamentary History viii. 247.

[493] His declaration before the Lords. Parliamentary History viii. 208.

[494] We learn this from a letter of Nethersole to the queen of Bohemia, Jan. 28. (St. P. O.)

[495] Nethersole to the Queen of Bohemia: 'That what at the first propounding seemed a very reasonable motion--was at last upon this reason that the bill is in truth and is intituled a bill of subsidy.'

[496] Holograph declaration of Charles I. (St. P. O.)

[497] Information in Star Chamber. Rushworth i. 675.

[498] Autobiography of Sir Symond d'Ewes i. 405: 'Being only misled by some Machiavellian politics who seemed zealous for the liberty of the common wealth.'

[499] Observation of Contarini, March 16, 1629. 'Quello che importa e il parlamento si e conservato nell'intero possesso dei suoi privilegi, senza cader un tantino: il re per queste due volte ha ceduto sempre qualche cosa.'


* * * * *

Transcribers note:

The section header 'The Conquest' in Book I Chapter II is missing from the original table of contents.


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