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A History of England Principally in the Seventeent

57 'Quod nullus est dominus civilis


style="text-align: justify;">[56] 'I take it as a holesome counsell, that the Pope leeve his worldly lordship to worldly lords as Christ gafe him and move all his clerks to do so.' Wickleffs Bileve, in Collier i. Rec. 47.

[57] 'Quod nullus est dominus civilis, nullus est episcopus, nullus est praelatus, dum est in mortali peccato--quod domini temporales possunt auferre bona temporalia ab ecclesia habitualiter delinquente vel quod populares possunt ad eorum arbitrium dominos delinquentes corrigere.'

[58] Walsingham: 'Antistes belliger velut aper frendens dentibus.'

[59] 'Si rex ex maligno consilio--se alienaverit a populo suo nec voluent per jura regni et statuta et laudabiles ordinationes cum salubri consilio dominorum et procorum regni gubernare et regulari--extunc licitum est eis cum communi assensu et consensu populi regem ipsum de regali solio abrogare et propinquiorem aliquem de stirpe regia loco ejus sublimare.' In Knyghton ii. 2683.

[60] 'Comme chose fait traitoirousement et encontre sa regalie, sa coronne et sa dignitee--le roy de lassent de touts les srs et coes ad ordeine et establi que null tiel commission ne autre sembleable jammes ne soit purchacez pursue ne faite en temps advenir.' Statutes of the Realm II. 98.

[61] Hayward, Life of King Henry IV, gives a detailed copy of this speech, which

however can possess no more claim to authenticity than the words that Shakespeare puts into the Bishop's mouth.

[62] Le record et proces de la renonciation du roi Richard avec la deposition. Twysden, ii. 2743.

[63] Conclusiones Lollardorum porrectae pleno parliamento. Wilkins iii. 222. From the document in 229 we see that these doctrines had penetrated into Oxford.

[64] The temporal possessions with which the prelates are as rightly endowed as it has been or might be best advised by the laws and customs of our kingdom; and of which they are as surely possessed as the lords temporal are of their inheritances.

[65] Convocatio 6 die Oct. 1389 ... modus procedendi contra haereticos. Wilkins iii. 238, 254.

[66] He imputes to them, 'l'entent de adnuller la foie chretienne auxi a destruer le roi mesme et tous maners estates dicell royaume et auxi toute politie et les leies de la terre.'

[67] Treaty of 23rd May 1414. Certainly Duke John in September 1414 concluded the treaty of Arras which is based on the assumption of his having no understanding with England; but he never ratified it.

[68] 'De diligence portoit le gonphanon de ses besoignes.' Chastellain, Chronique du duc Philippe, ch. 98.

[69] Chastellain, Chronique des derniers ducs de Bourgogne, ch 191. 'Le duc cognossoit bien, que ceste mutacion en Angleterre etoit pratiquee pour le desfaire et non pour autre fin.'



We may regard it as the chief result of

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