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A History of England Principally in the Seventeent

105 A letter printed in Fiddes Life of Wolsey


style="text-align: justify;">[103] 'Quasi che quello, che minacciano, non fosse prima a danno loro.' So it is said in a letter of Sanga, April 1529, Lettere di diversi autori p. 69.

[104] 'Pour ce qu'il n'est encoires temps qu'il meure que premierement l'on n'ayt entendu et veriffie plusieurs choses.' Chapuis to Charles V, 25 Oct. 1529, in Bradford, Correspondence of the Emperor Charles V, p. 291.

[105] A letter printed in Fiddes (Life of Wolsey, Records II. p. 115, no 58), adds to the laconic parliamentary notices the desirable explanation: 'the knights being of the King's council, the King's servants and gentlemen ... were long time spoken with and made to see (a misprint for "say") yea, it may fortune, contrary to their heart.'

[106] Giustiniani: Four Years, I. 162. 'They see that their treasure is spent in vain, and consequently loud murmurs and discontent prevail through the kingdom.'

[107] 'The only head sovereign lord and protector of both the said parties, your subjects spiritual and temporal.' Petition of the Commons 1529, in Froude, History of England i. 200.

[108] Indictment in Fiddes, Life of Wolsey p. 504.

[109] 'Pro domino rege, de recuperatione.' Ibid. Collections no. 103.

[110] Falier: 'comincio a machinar contra la corona

con S. Sta.'

[111] Pallavicino, Concilio di Trento III, XIV, V, from a Roman diary.

[112] Original accounts in Burnet iii. 52, 53.

[113] Proceedings in Burnet, History of the Reformation i. 117. Strype had already remarked its difference from the original demands.

[114] Matters to be proposed in Convocation (in Strype, Ecclesiastical Memorials i. 215.) 'That the King's Majesty hath as well the care of the souls of his subjects as their bodies, and may by the law of God by his Parliament make laws touching and concerning as well the one as the other.'

[115] Facsimile in Ellis's Original Letters, Ser. ii. vol i. But this alteration cannot have taken place at the beginning of his government. This would presuppose all the results won by so much effort. The handwriting too is not that of a boy, but of a grown man.

[116] Instruction for Rochefort, State Papers vii. 427.

[117] Jean Joachim au roi (de France) 15 Feb. 1510, afinche questa opinion (della Faculta di Parigi) insieme con altre opinion delle universita di Angliterra et d'altrove per Mr. Winschier [father of Anne Boleyn] al papa si possino monstrar o presentar.

[118] 'The moste part of the nobles of the realm.' Cranmer's letter to Hawkyns. Archaeologia xviii. 79.

[119] In the treaty of Bologna (1 Feb. 1533) is an article, 'pro administranda justitia super divortio Anglicano et--amputando omnem superfluam dilationem'

[120] Instruccion para el Conde de Cifuentes y Rodrigo Avalos. Papiers d'etat de Granvelle ii. 45

[121] In a later report to the Emperor it is said, that the rights of the Queen and Princess were recognised, 'a l'instante poursuite de S. Me. Imperiale.' Ibid. ii. 210.

[122] In Halliwell, Letters of the Kings of England i. 337.

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