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A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1

Rest of Pantagruel at intervals


Rabelais. First Book of _Pantagruel_ Second of the whole, 1533; _Gargantua_, 1535; rest of _Pantagruel_ at intervals, to the (posthumous) Fifth Book in 1564.

Marguerite de Navarre. _Heptameron._ Written before (probably some time before) Marguerite's death in 1549. Imperfectly published as _Les Amants Fortunes_, etc., in 1558; completely, under its permanent title, next year.

Bonaventure Desperiers. _Cymbalum Mundi_, 1537; _Contes et Joyeux Devis_, 1558, but written at least fourteen years earlier, as the author died in 1544.

Helisenne de Crenne. _Les Angoisses_, etc., 1538.

_Amadis_ Romances. Date of Spanish or Portuguese originals uncertain. Herberay published the first part of his French translation of _Amadis_ itself in 1540.

Many of the small pastoral and adventurous stories noticed at the beginning of Chapter VIII. appeared in the last fifteen years of the sixteenth century, the remainder in the first quarter of the seventeenth. But of the Greek and Spanish compositions, which had so great an influence on them and on the subsequent "Heroic" School, the work of Heliodorus had been translated as early as 1546, and the _Diana_ of Montemayor in 1578.


Honore d'Urfe. _L'Astree_,

1607-19. (First three parts in Urfe's lifetime, fourth and fifth after his death in 1625.)

"Heroic" Romance, 1622-60, as regards its principal examples, the exact dates of which are given in a note to p. 176. Madame de Villedieu wrote almost up to her death in 1683.

Fairy Tales, etc. The common idea that Perrault not only produced the masterpieces but set the fashion of the kind is inexact. Madame d'Aulnoy's _Contes des Fees_ appeared in 1682, whereas Perrault's _Contes de ma Mere L'Oye_ did not come till fifteen years later, in 1697. The precise dates of the writing of Hamilton's Tales are not, I think, known. They must, for the most part, have been between the appearance of Galland's _Arabian Nights_, 1704, and the author's death in 1720. As for the _Cabinet_ and its later constituents, see below on the eighteenth century.

Sorel, Ch. _Francion_, 1622; _Le Berger Extravagant_, 1627.

Scarron, P. _Le Roman Comique_, 1651.

Cyrano de Bergerac. _Histoire Comique_, etc., 1655.

Furetiere, A. _Le Roman Bourgeois_, 1666.

La Fayette, Madame de. _La Princesse de Cleves_, 1678. Her first book, _La Princesse de Montpensier_ (much slighter but well written), had appeared eighteen years earlier, and _Zaide_ or _Zayde_ in 1670, fathered by Segrais.

Fenelon. _Telemaque_, 1699.


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