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A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1

Sensibility Novels Madame de Tencin


des Fees_, containing not only the authors or translators mentioned under the head of the preceding century, but a series of later writings down to the eve of the Revolution. Gueulette's adaptations and imitations ranged from the _Soirees Bretonnes_, published in 1712 during Hamilton's lifetime, to the _Thousand and One Hours_, 1733, the other collections mentioned in the text coming between. It may be worth mentioning that, being an industrious editor as well as tale-teller and playwright, he reprinted _Le Petit Jehan de Saintre_ in 1724 and Rabelais in 1732. Caylus's tales seem to have been scattered over the middle third of the century from about 1730 to his death in 1765. Cazotte's _Diable Amoureux_ (not in the _Cabinet_) is of 1772--he had written very inferior things of the tale kind full thirty years earlier. Mme. Le Prince de Beaumont (who was long an actual governess in England) wrote her numerous "books for the young" for the most part between 1757 (_Le Magazin des Enfants_) and 1774 (_Contes Moraux_).

Lesage. _Le Diable Boiteux_, 1707; _Gil Blas de Santillane_, 1715-35.

Marivaux. _Les Effets Surprenants_, 1713-14; _Marianne_, 1731-36; _Le Paysan Parvenu_, 1735.

Prevost. _Memoires d'un Homme de Qualite_, 1728-32, followed by _Manon Lescaut_, 1733; _Cleveland_, 1732-39; _Le Doyen de Killerine_, 1735; _Histoire d'une Grecque Moderne_, 1741.

justify;">(It may not be impertinent to draw attention to the fact that Prevost, like Defoe--though not quite to the same extent, and in the middle, not towards the end of his career--concentrated the novel-part of an enormous polygraphic production upon a few years.)

Crebillon _fils_. _Lettres de la Marquise_, 1732; _Tanzai et Neadarne_, 1734; _Les Egarements_, 1736; _Le Sopha_, 1745; _La Nuit et le Moment_, 1755; _Le Hasard au Coin du Feu_, 1763; _Ah! Quel Conte!_ 1764.

Voltaire's _Tales_ were distributed over a large part of his long and insatiably busy life; but none of his best are very early. _Zadig_ is of 1747; _Micromegas_ of 1752; _Candide_ of 1759; _L'Ingenu_ and _La Princesse de Babylone_ of 1767 and 1768 respectively.

Rousseau. _La Nouvelle Heloise_, 1760; _Emile_, 1762.

Diderot. _Les Bijoux Indiscrets_, 1748. _Jacques le Fataliste_ and _La Religieuse_ were posthumously published, but must have been written much earlier than their author's death in 1784.

Marmontel. _Contes Moraux_ appeared in the official or semi-official _Mercure de France_, with which the author was connected from 1753-60, being its manager or editor for the last two of these years. _Belisaire_ came out in 1767.

Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. _Paul et Virginie_, 1787; _La Chaumiere Indienne_, 1790.

"Sensibility" Novels:--

Madame de Tencin. _Le Comte de Comminge_, 1735; _Les Malheurs de l'Amour_, 1747.

Madame Riccoboni. _Le Marquis de Cressy_, 1758; _Lettres de Julie Catesby_, 1759; _Ernestine_, 1762.

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