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A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1

A monograph of the very first order


Elie de Beaumont. _Le Marquis de Roselle_, 1764.

Madame de Souza. _Adele de Senanges_, 1794.

Madame de Genlis. _Mlle. de Clermont_, 1802.

Madame de Duras. _Ourika_, 1823; _Edouard_, 1825.

Xavier de Maistre. _Voyage autour de ma Chambre_, 1794; _Le Lepreux de la Cite d'Aoste_, 1812; _Les Prisonniers du Caucase, La Jeune Siberienne_, 1825.

Benjamin Constant. _Adolphe_, 1815.

Restif de la Bretonne. _Le Pied de Fanchette_, 1769; _Adele_, 1772; _Le Paysan Perverti_, 1775-76; _Les Contemporaines_, 1780-85; _Ingenue Saxancour_, 1789; _Monsieur Nicolas_, 1794-97.

Pigault-Lebrun. _L'Enfant du Carnaval_, 1792; _Les Barons de Felsheim_, 1798; _Angelique et Jeanneton_, _Mon Oncle Thomas_, _La Folie Espagnole_, 1799; _M. Botte_, 1802; _Jerome_, 1804; _Tableaux de Societe_, 1813; _Adelaide de Meran_, 1815; M. de Roberval, _L'Officieux_, 1818.


(Although it is probably idle to attempt to satisfy or placate the contemporary _helluo_ of bibliography, it may be respectful to other readers to observe that this is not intended to deal with the whole subject, but only as a companion, or chrestomathic guide, to this book itself.)

style="text-align: justify;"> CHAPTER I

_Apollonius of Tyre._ Ed. Thorpe. London, 1834.

_English Novel, The._ By the present writer. London (Dent), 1913.

_French Literature, A Short History of._ By the present writer. Oxford, 1882, and often reprinted.

_Greek Romances, The._ Most convenient editions of originals--Didot's _Erotici Graeci_, Paris, 1856, or Teubner's, ed. Herscher, Leipzig, 1858. English translations in Bohn's Library. For those who prefer books about things to the things themselves, there is a very good English monograph by Wolff (Columbia University Series, New York).

_Hymn of St. Eulalia._ Quoted in most histories of French literature, _e.g._ that entered above, pp. 4, 5.

_Life of St. Alexis._ Ed. G. Paris and L. Pannier. Paris, 1872-87.


_Alexander Legends_ ("Matter of Rome"). The most important editions of romances concerning Alexander are Michelant's of the great poem from which, according to the most general theory, the "Alexandrine" or twelve-syllabled verse takes its name (Stuttgart, 1846), and M. Paul Meyer's _Alexandre le Grand dans la Litterature Francaise au moyen age_ (2 vols., Paris, 1886), a monograph of the very first order, with plentiful reproduction of texts.

_Arthurian Legend, The._ No complete bibliography of this is possible here--a note of some fulness will be found in the writer's _Short History_ (see above on Chapter I.). The most important books for an English reader who wishes to supplement Malory are M. Paulin Paris's abstract of the whole, _Les Romans de la Table Ronde_ (5 vols., Paris, 1869-77), a very charming set of handy volumes, beautifully printed and illustrated; and, now at last, Dr. Sommer's stately edition of the "Vulgate" texts, completed recently, I believe (Carnegie Institution, Washington, U.S.A.).

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