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A History of the French Novel, Vol. 1

The main or Ancien Renart was re edited by E


de Gestes._ The first sentence of the last entry applies here with greater fulness. The editions of _Roland_ are very numerous; and those of other _chansons_, though there are not often two or more of the same, run to scores of volumes. The most important books about them are M. Leon Gautier's _Les Epopees Francaises_ (4 vols., Paris, 1892) and M. Bedier's _Les Legendes Epiques_ (4 vols., Paris, 1908-13).

Sainte-More, B. de. _Roman de Troie._ Ed. Joly. Rouen, 1870. Edited a second time in the series of the Societe des Anciens Textes Francais.


The bibliography of the _Romans d'Aventures_ generally is again too complicated and voluminous to be attempted here. A fair amount of information will be found, as regards the two sides, French and English, of the matter, in the writer's _Short Histories_ of the two literatures--_French_ as above, _English_ (Macmillan, 9th ed., London, 1914), and in his _Romance and Allegory_, referred to in the text. Short of the texts themselves, but for fuller information than general histories contain, Dunlop's well-known book, reprinted in Bohn's Library with valuable additions, and Ellis's _Early English Romances_, especially the latter, will be found of greatest value.

_Partenopeus de Blois._ 2 vols. Paris, 1834.



du 13'e et du 14'me Siecle._ Ed. L. Moland et Ch. d'Hericault. Bibliotheque Elzevirienne. 2 vols. Paris, 1856.


_Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles, Les._ Numerous editions in the cheap collections of French classics.

_Fabliaux._ Ed. A. de Montaiglon et G. Raynaud. 6 vols. Paris, 1872-88.

_Jehan de Paris._ Ed. Montaiglon. Paris, 1874.

_Petit Jehan de Saintre._ Ed. Guichard. Paris, 1843.

_Roman de la Rose._ Ed. F. Michel. Paris, 1864.

_Roman de Renart._ The completest (but not a complete) edition of the different parts is that of Meon and Chabaille (5 vols., Paris, 1826-35). The main or "Ancien" Renart was re-edited by E. Martin (3 vols., Paris and Strasbourg, 1882-87).


Rabelais. Editions of the original very numerous: and of Urquhart's famous English translation more than one or two recently. The cheapest and handiest of the former, _without_ commentary, is that in the Collection Garnier. Of commentaries and books _on_ Rabelais there is no end.


_Amadis_ Romances. No modern reprints of Herberay and his followers. Southey's English versions of _Amadis_ and _Palmerin_ are not difficult to obtain.

Desperiers, B. _Contes et Joyeuse Devis_, etc. Ed. Lacour. 2 vols. Paris, 1866.

Marguerite de Navarre, The _Heptameron_. Editions again numerous, including cheap ones in the collections.

_Moyen de Parvenir, Le._ Ed. Jacob. Paris, 1860. (For Helisenne de Crenne see text, and Reynier--_v. inf._ on next chapter.)


The general histories and bibliographies of M. Reynier and Herr Koerting, as well as the monographs of MM. Chatenay, Magne, and Reure, will be found registered in the notes to text, and references to them in the index. The original editions are also given in text or note. Modern reprints--except of the fairy stories and one or two others--are almost entirely wanting. For the Greek Romances see above under Chapter I. The _Astree_, after its first issues, appeared as a whole in 1637 and 1647, the latter being the edition referred to in "Add. and Corr." But the later eighteenth-century (1733) version of the Abbe Souchay is said to be "doctored." I have not thought it worth while to look up either this or the earlier abridgment (_La Nouvelle Astree_ of 1713), though this latter is not ill spoken of. For the _Cabinet des Fees_ (41 vols., Geneva, 1785-89) see text.

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